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Thread: Heart rate for bubs in early pregnancy

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    Default Heart rate for bubs in early pregnancy

    My scan went well today, but........... the heart beat was slow at 107bpm.

    I guess if I didn't have extra information like when we lost our first pregnancy, one of the twins had a heart rate of 109bpm which they told me was slow and sure enuf we lost it.

    This is going to play on my mind, but for now it is a start, we have an alive bubba, so lets just hope that the heart rate gets stronger. I know Lachlan at the same gestation was 126bpm. I think they like them to be over 120bpm.

    They dated me at 6 weeks 2 days.

    Does anyone have any experience or words of advice for me???

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    Hi Sheree, With Eleanor her HR at 6wks was around 90 and i was told i would miscarry her as it was so low and had to have a repeat scan two weeks later and that scan showed a stronger HR.

    I was told that anything over 100 is good.

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    I remember being told at 7-week scan that doc would be worried if it were under 100 - so anything over that is ok.
    Hope you're doing ok

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    Hi all, thanks for all the information. You were all right, I had nothing to worry about.

    I saw my gyno last Thursday and bubs heart rate was 135bpm, and he said all looked well. I am so pleased. I finally feel like I can breathe.

    I guess I was more concerned because I have lost a twin at 109bpm and on the scan report it said the hr was slow.

    Sometimes too much information can be damaging to your mind huh.

    Thanks everyone I really appreciate it.

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    That's fantastic news Sheree!!


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