thread: Heart rate during pregnancy

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    Jan 2010
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    Heart rate during pregnancy

    Just wondering what everyone's resting heart rate has been like during pregnancy?

    I haven't been feeling right for a week or so and I've been to the Doc's, blood tests etc. I just came back from getting my results.

    I know it is meant to increase a little, I'm not 100% sure what is was before, but it has been sitting on 100 lately. He said this is a bit too high. But cannot find a reason. My white cell count is high and my TSH levels are low and he said this is normal in pregnancy..

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    Jul 2009

    Mine has been 80's each time I've gone to my ob.
    How far along are you? Did the doc say it was an issue?

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    Sep 2005
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    My heart doesn't like being pregnant either and I'm reasonably fit. However my resting heartrate is always around 100, no matter how fit I am. It is too high and it worries me what it's going to be like later in life, but like you I've had all the tests and nothing comes back abnormal.

    However in my last preg I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and one of the symptoms was an elevated heartrate. Maybe you could ask about that?

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    Jan 2010
    Nhulunbuy, NT

    I had my thyroid levels checked, as it runs in the family, but they were ok. They have to check them about every 4 weeks during my pregnancy they said. Just to make sure they are ok. The hospital here is small and if I get extreme levels I will have to fly to Darwin for the birth, which I really don't want to do.

    Am just over 23 weeks.

    All the Doc said was "rest" if I feel funny and they will monitor it as my appointments. So they really gave me nothing.

    It's such a pain tho, as I feel yuck and lightheaded and need to "rest" all the time.

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    Nov 2009

    A normal heart rate is between 60-100...throughtout my pregnancy my heart rate was around 110. This was because I am anaemic.. When your anaemic your heart has to pump faster because theres less fluid (blood) to go around...

    Has your Doc done a Hb check (hemoglobin)....Sounds to me like you are having episodes of low blood pressure.. Keep up the fluids (1-2litres a day) as this increases your blood volume...and go see the doctor again


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    Jan 2010

    I agree with Delphmoon (so sorry if I got your name wrong)
    Heartrates are supposed to sit between 60 - 100 beats per minute. However it is quite common to have a higher resting heartrate than the norm. As each of us are individuals these numbers are used only as a guideline until you can find what your individual resting HR is. You might be one of these people who's HR is a little higher. During pregnancy our heartrates are elevated anyway because of the extra blood flow throughout our body.
    Although feeling the way your feeling, I would go back to doc and ask him to do another set of bloods for you Hb levels (haemoglobin). Also whats your blood pressure like?? High / low?? It may also be an idea to get him to do a gestational diabetes test too to rule that out - Symptoms include low blood pressure, light headedness, and a higher HR. I dont mean to stress you out, these are just things that maybe he can rule out. Good luck in your journey - and have confidence in your team of docs and midwives. Your in the best hands!! xx

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    Aug 2008

    Non-pregnant, mine is usually about 72.
    Early pregnancy, it dropped into the 60s
    2nd tri it was back around the 70s
    Now it's in the 80s.

    So not really relevant to you, is it? Wish I could be more helpful. Hope you don't have to fly out to Darwin

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    Jan 2010
    Nhulunbuy, NT

    Thanks soooo much for your replies, it's so good to get feedback from others :-)

    The Doc did a full set of bloods on Tuesday inc. Hb and got the results this morning and all is normal apart from the high white count :-( And blood pressure is also normal.
    He also booked me in with the midwife to have the gestational diabetes test done. But I have to wait a few weeks he said :-(
    Hope it's not that...