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Thread: Help!!! 17 weeks pregnant and milks in???

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    Default Help!!! 17 weeks pregnant and milks in???

    Hi everyone, I'm having a milk drama, I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant and my milks in! Is this normal?? I had my milk come in at around 30 weeks with my son, but I'm a tad concerned this time as it seems to be to early to be leaking milk! When ever I seem to get upset or protective of my two children, my milk starts flowing and it's a large amount it left a 15cm radius (approx) wet patch on my top last time and that was after soaking my bra. I plan on asking my midwife but I'm not due to see her for another 3 weeks, thought I'd get your opinions before I make an earlier appointment.

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    I had my colostrum come in with Harrison around 17 weeks... and it was fairly leaky too.
    I guess it isn't too uncommon hun... if you are concerned, just bring it up with your midwife as you previously mentioned.

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    I had the same problem... i had colostrum leaking from so early (I can't remember how early, i wrote it down in my journal but its all the way out in the lounge room! but it was before 20 weeks), and now I have to get some out daily (or milk myself as Shel puts it... ) or I leak everywhere if I dont... when I express it I end up with at least 10mL (I kid you not, its really embarrassing!). my midwife says its fine, its all individual just like when and how you start showing and ms etc... so I wouldn't worry too much (unless of course if it seems liek it might be an infection or something like that...?).

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