thread: Help!Exsposure to someone with Shingles.....

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Help!Exsposure to someone with Shingles.....


    My Mum rang tonight and said her doctor has told her she has Shingles.Problem is I had lunch with her Saturday when the itching began, and she was the one who made lunch for me!I know Shingles is linked to chickenpox which I've had twice, but I've never had shingles.I also have a doc appoinment wednesday this week, but now I'm panicking!My Dad is a retired Paramedic and said I should have nothing to worry about.Is he just being nice!?

    I'm so paranoid I'm scratching................. 8-[

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    Kirsty if you have had the chickenpox than you can't get shingles. In fact I posted the exact same concern when I was pregnant with Alana, except it was my MIL. I remember being worried just like you. If you are really concerned I would ring your OB tomorrow and just get him to reassure you. I know its hard, but try not to worry to much. Good Luck!

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    As Iris said if you have had chicken pox then you can't get shingles. Ring your OB or midwife just to get some reasuurance.

    I hope everything will be ok with your mum too.

    Take care and try not to stress too much. (I know easier said than done 8-[ )

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    Custardtart Guest

    As long as you still have antibodies to the chicken pox virus in your bloodstream, you are immune. If you don't catch it, the baby can't. You should be just fine.


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    Lee-Ann Guest

    I've had chicken pox before and got shingles when I was 8 months pregnant. I was told if you have had chicken pox, the virus actually stays in your system and if you're immunity is low it can come out as shingles.

    I was concerned about having shingles while pg, but everything was fine. My daughter was born healthy with no problems. She's 9 now and has never had the chicken pox and I sometimes wonder whether she has an immunity to it?? I don't know. I think the worst thing was I had shingles and my older daughter got chicken pox off me, but from touching the shingles, I was quite itchy and was scratching it and being a toddler she wanted to scratch mummy's back too (this was before I knew what it was). Unfortunately I couldn't take any meds for it so for about a week I just had to use ice and hot packs.

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    Ingrid Guest

    From what I have read you can only get Shingles if you HAVE had Chickenpox, as Shingles is caused by the reactivation of the virus that has been dormant in the body since you orginally had Chickenpox.

    However, if some has never had Chickenpox, they can catch it from someone who has Shingles (same virus)

    As Lee-Ann said, the virus can re-emerge if you are run down. Speak to your Doctor, and try not to worry.



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    i have shingles now and have had the pox also, sweetie if you dont touch the pustules when they're open and weeping then you can't get it ok.
    trust your dad he'd know darl.

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    Hi Kirsty,
    Just wanted to let you know that I will for you tomorrow that your Dr has good news about this and that its nothing to worry about at all!

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    Definately Shingles are caught in older people/ not kids that HAVE HAD Chickenpox... As it is always dormant in your body once you have had Chicken Pox but when run down they resurface as shingles...

    Shingles can be terribly painful etc, but I am sure you'll be fine as will baby!

    I was advised by my OB/Dr to have kids immunised against Chicken pox because, once your older shingles can keep reoccuring & can be worse & tremendousy painful as you age, but if you have NEVER had chicken pox (been immunised) then you CANNOT get Shingles!!!!

    Unfortunately DD had just been infected with chicken pox, so I will have this baby done, I think it's free & can be done after 12 months of age!

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Thanks so much for all your support girls.Had my doctors appointment today and they said unless I was scratching my mum's back(EWwwwwww)that I should be absoloutely fine!!!!

    Yeh .........happy dance time!!!!!!!!! \/

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    That's great that everything is okay Kirsty and you don't have to worry.

    A guy at work had shingles a few weeks ago and had a week off work which I was glad about. I too was worried that I would catch it.