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Thread: Help - I have the flu :(

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    Default Help - I have the flu :(

    HI all,

    Just after some advice if you can please!

    I am 19wks pg with my first and have caught a wonderful dose of the flu.

    Is there anything I can take to help relieve the symptoms? I know codral etc are out of the question, but what about cough lollies etc? Am I able to take them without affecting my baby?

    If anyone has some advice, it be great.

    Cheers... Fi

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    I have also got a really bad flu at the moment.

    I have been taking panadol and soothers for my sore throat

    I also have been drinking some hot lemon and honey tea

    I still feel like ive been run over by a truck but being pregnant we really cant do much more than that

    Oh yeah and of course lots of fluids and rest

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    I had a cold earlier in my PG and was told to take panadol for any fever. I was also told i could gargle the soluble panadol that dissolves for my throat, obviously don't take both, just one of the two panadol options. Otherwise most other products aren't 100% safe. I went and saw my chemist and that was all they could recommend. I believe it's the pseudoephedrine you need to avoid. I took the butter menthol soothers as they had honey and soothed but nothing medicate to cause a problem. Seemed to help at the time. The lemon/honey tea also works great.

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