thread: Help, is this normal....

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    Jan 2005

    Help, is this normal....

    Hi girls,

    Hoping someone will be able to tell me what i'm experiencing is normal for this stage of pg.

    I'm 21w4d pg with #2 and for the last week or two i have been so tender down really low and it actually hurts if i touch the spot. Could it just be my boby stretching or something like that, or should i have it checked out ?

    I can't remember having any of these pains during my first pg. Also this baby is continually kicking, to the point where i am waking up sick. Is this normal? Or do i just have a very active bubba in there.

    Hope you are all well.
    Take care Leah

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    Mar 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    I'd be getting checked just so you can relax. The Drs and midwives are so used to having people ring or go and see them, with all sorts of questions!!

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    Oct 2003
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    Matilda used to kick so much I had muscle pain from the work out! I do remember feeling really worn out after an all night soccer game going on inside and slightly nauseous too.... but I didn't have the pain down below, I'd phone the midwives to see if you need to worry.

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    Custardtart Guest

    Hi Westy, you didn't say exactly where the pain is, but a few weeks ago (at the same stage you are now) I was extremely sore in the band of soft tissue across the lower stomach, just above the pelvic bone. It was tender to the touch and sore when I moved, and it lasted a few weeks. It's gone now, I think it was just thing shifting around to make room for the baby.

    As for the moving and kicking.. well, I reckon it will slack of in the eighth month when there isn't so much room in there! I reckon my little fella is taking acrobatic classes, I wake up with dreadful heartburn and sore ribs sometimes from the kicks, and I'm only 23 weeks!


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    Jan 2005

    Thanks for your replies girls.

    Kerrie, the pain is in the exact spot you had yours so fingers crossed it will disappear soon.
    As for the arobatic classes think my little bub is doing them too

    Take care Leah