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Thread: Help Please - Info needed...

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    Question Help Please - Info needed...

    Righto long story short... (and I know I have been away from here way too long...)

    My brother & his GF have seperated (amicably)... She is returning home to Oz & he is staying here (in NZ, he is a NZer)...

    They lost a baby late last year...(Unplanned) by early miscarriage...
    They grieved for this bub & carried on...and only about a month ago decided that they were no longer suited to each other & totally different & had changed since being together...

    Anyhow... She is due to return home in a few weeks & they found out last week that she is 17wks pregnant... oops... she has no idea about anything pregnancy or baby related & has very few life skills, her upbringing was more education/career/goal based than Life based like cooking, budgeting, etc IYKWIM...

    I have directed her to BB for info, but if any of you can suggest who she needs to see (Ie health system wise, as I know things over there are way different to maternity care over here!!!) once she gets back over there would be greatly appreciated...

    She will be moving back with her parents for a wee while, about 3 hrs from melbourne, Shepparton I think???


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    Hi *Mitch*, That's really a really sad predicament for them both.

    A visit to a GP would be the first place I would reccomend her going especially if her pregnancy hasn't been formally dated (ie. SIL just going by dates of last period.) Her GP can reccomend and refer her to a OB if she is going to be in the private sector or a midwife/share care plan etc for public. At 17 weeks she will need to book into a hospital especially if she is considering going private. Depending on if she has had any scans already she may need some done etc I know I had a scan to date my pregnancy, one a 12 weeks for the nuchal scan and again at 18-20weeks for development, check the sex etc. There are blood tests she will need done in a wee (for the kiwi's...My BF is kiwi, I love that saying) while gestational diabetes. Once she has found a GP/OB they can go through with her Antenatal/birth classes etc with her.

    I think thats it...Wow how quickly you forget what happens DS is only 13 months...feel like a lifetime ago I had him.

    Hope this helps.

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    Gee, that would have been such a surprise! Tell her to go to a GP to get a referral to a hospital. They should be able to tell her what hospital options she has available. Do you know if she has private health insurance? If she does she can book into a private hospital, if not, she can book into public. I have no idea of the hospitals available in that area as it is far from me so I can't help you sorry!

    She would want to get onto it pretty quickly because a lot of hospitals book out quickly (well, they do in Melbourne anyway!).

    Once she's booked in, the hospital will be able to take care of her and point her in the right direction.


    ETA - *snap* - What Bronzdbebe said LOL!

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