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Thread: Herbal or natual help

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    Fraser Guest

    Default Herbal or natual help

    Hi all,

    I can't be bothered walking all the way to the Natual pharmacy - so was wondering if anyone has had any success with any particular herbal or natural morning sickness remedy?

    My m/s has now hit with a vengeance and wearing 3 sets of sea sickness wrist bands isn't helping.

    I would really appreciate help from anyone

    Cheers, Emily

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    I found that the bunderberg ginger beer did the trick for me. funnily enough the other brands that used artificial flavours didn't work.

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    angelique Guest


    Try acupuncture, I swear by it!

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    Sucking on a chupa chup lollypop made my nausea go away almost instantly. Hope you feel better soon.

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