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    Just wondering if anyone else gets really sore hips? My right hip and appendix area are killing me!! I have been trying to lay on my side with a pillow but its still hurts and sittin it feels like someone is also stabbing me in the lower back right side.

    Is it just me or do you feel like you're about to fall to bits while pregnant? lol, but on a more serious note..OWCH!!

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    Visit a chiro or physio. Your back might be out of alignment which would cause hip and back pain. Chiros are recommended through pregnancy as it can help with labour at the end if your back is correctly aligned and feeling good.

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    Do they bulk bill with a healthcare card do you know? Do you need a referal?

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    Chiros don't bulk bill you have to pay like you were going to a physio, dentist etc. You don't need a referral. I go to a chiro once a month which I have found helps me but I had back issues prior to preg. I do still get aching hips but my back pain is much controlled thanks to my chiro.

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    Just make sure you mention that you are pregnant when booking an appt to ensure that they are okay to use. The first visit usually costs more then subsequent visits as they need to spend longer with you to get history. Try not to let them pressure you into visiting more often then you feel is necessary. I've known some chiros that tell you that you need to come back often when it should be every few weeks or so. Unless, you feel that you would benefit from having more regular appts. My chiro has said that once a month is enough for me at the moment. I may increase them as I get bigger though, just for comforts sake.

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