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    karen&luke Guest

    Hospital tour?

    Hey girls! Can anyone tell me what the usual process is in choosing a hospital? I am going private and am choosing between Cabrini and Masada (in Melbourne). Are hospitals generally happy to show women TTC around so they can make an informed choice and book in as soon as they find they are pregnant? I know some hospitals book up pretty fast so I just want to be prepared.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2005

    Hi Karen,
    The hospitals usually have set times to take people on tours prior to pregnancy. I think Cabrini runs theirs weekly (Wednesday nights) and you need to ring them and book in. I would imagine same with Masada. Cabrini have said to me that you need to book in by 5 weeks pregnancy. I suggest calling them both and booking in a tour so you can decide before you fall pregnant.
    Good luck.

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    Fee Guest

    I was wondering this too… that is, if you can do a hospital tour when you're not even pregnant. But it makes sense to seeing that you need to book in so early.

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    karen&luke Guest

    Thanks Bethany - I will give them a call. Fee I will find out what the story is and let you know!

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    snowflake Guest

    I would be interested in finding out what the go is too - I believe that Cabrini has a good name

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    I would suggest to ring then and enquire. I know some hospitals have Open days for their maternity units.

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    Jen Schuster Guest

    Hi girls

    Before Joshua was conceived DH and I went to all the hospitals in melbourne and surrounding suburbs. We decided on a hospital but the OB that I really really wanted didnt deliver there so we had to choose another.

    Most of the hospitals had a day where they conducted a tour but you needed to call on the morning of the tour just to confirm (if too busy they cancel the tours)

    Other hospitals you call the Liason Midwife and she will show you around.

    Goodluck in your research. Cabrini is a really good hospital.

    Love Jen

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    karen&luke Guest

    Thanks everyone - we have booked into a tour of Cabrini. They run them on Wednesdays from 7 - 7:30pm. There is a maximum of 6 couples for each tour.

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    Jen Schuster Guest

    sounds great - let us know what you think

    Love Jen

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    karen&luke Guest

    Masada runs tours on Saturdays - but not every week - and sometimes during the week. A midwife is going to show us around by ourselves on a Tuesday night so you can negotiate a time that suits you too.

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    Resident Samsquanch

    Jan 2005
    Down by the ocean

    Hope you enjoy your tour. When I was having mine at Berwick there was a lady giving birth right when we were being shown where the birthing suites were. I heard the baby cry and dad cheering from up the corridor. It was fantastic!