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Thread: Hot water bottles?

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    Default Hot water bottles?

    This is proberly a really silly question, but last night i had some back pain, and i put a hot water bottle on my back (which felt great) but i was worried coz it was so hot and i was worried that it wasnt good for me to have on my back.. only coz you hear of avoiding hot baths, etc..??

    ANyone know any info about this? thanks

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    Hi mizzsocial

    I would think that a hot water bottle should be ok as it is only heating a small part of your body. I often use hot packs for women who are in labour. If your bottle is very hot I would not advise you to put it on your belly.

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    I have been scared off hot water bottles. A friend of mine had one burst all over her :shock: She did all the right things (squeezing the extra air out etc) She's made us all promise never to use them.

    I only use wheat packs these days

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