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Thread: how do i shake it...

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    Default how do i shake it...

    Im just wondering how to shake the feeling that i am going to have a miscarriage, I have not been able to enjoy this pregnancy, and at my 12 week u/s I am expecting there to be nothing there. I just cant help it, I never had a bad experience with my last pregnancy. I should be thankful I know, and I am but I want to enjoy my pregnancy instead of doing this. Any advice for me? Thanks

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    I think this is a really natural reaction and it's hard to put those thoughts out of your mind. I'm sure once you have your firat u/s you will feel so much bertter. If not you could try some breathing and relaxation excercises? Try and think of positive things and how well your little bubby is groing inside you

    Hope you feel better soon xxx

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    Aw sweetie so many of us have been and are going through exactly what you are. Almost like it's too good to be true ha? Well my love you deserve a healthy happy pregnancy and unless you have had sure signs of miscarriage then a healthy happy pregnancy is what you "Are" going to have. I lost a baby at 14 weeks lat year but from the start of that pregnancy it felt doomed anmd I had a few symptoms as well. And even now ata healthy 27 weeks tomorrow I am still stressing about it. The thoughts of how much further will I make it, will he survive, am I really going to hold a healthy littl baby in march. The thoughts never stop. And all those thoughts are totally normal.

    Your pregnant today, right this minute, touch your tummy and tell your little miricle that you love them with all your heart. Enjoy that there is life growing in you for this day, tomorrow is another day, just glow in what you have today. A healthy little baby growing inside you! Have more faith sweetheart, believe that you will carry all the way and this child will bring you love and hope!

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    Hi Renee
    You sound exactly like I did! I was numb till about 14weeks when I started to accept that it was actually going to happen this time.
    Just relax and look after yourself (no stressing!) and once you have the scan your fears will be put to rest!

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    hi renee,
    i think you sound very normal!
    i think it helps to keep busy..keep doing the things you normally do (within reason) and try not to spend hours just sitting and thinking about it all..if you find yourself going over it in your mind, do something that takes your mind of it.
    those thoughts do come and go, its just our brains doing the paranoid thing, at an evolutionary level we are designed to be on the lookout for danger - so it makes sense that we worry a lot.
    hope you feel better soon

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    Renee, I have had an early preg loss & it brought my dreamy life & world crashing down... I am petrified & also excited of my 1st M/W appt on 9th Jan @ about 12 wks & then a referral for a Scan... But I guess I cant control it, noone can & when I start to stress I try to talk myself into realising that I cant do anything about it

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