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    Red face How long for you

    just wondering how long labour took to start as i have been getting contractions on and off for the last few days, Last night went to the hospital and was having them every 5 mins for a few hours, i am 1cm dilated too, Am going to go for a long walk today, they sent me home with some sleeping tablets and pain felive which has knocked me around.

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    Hi Kelly,

    I lost my mucus plug on the monday morning and then started having contractions on and off at 5 mins apart on Monday night. I went to the hosp 3am and then was sent home 7am tues morning with sleeping tablets and slept for a few hours. I then started having contractions again 5 mins apart and walked around the block about 50 million times and then went back to hospital 2am Wednesday morning then my contractions waned again and was sent home 5pm Wednesday afternoon.

    Wednesday night at 11pm the REAL contractions started and there was no stopping them. I did not realise but there was a definate increase in severity of the contractions when the real ones started and I could not talk through them. I finally went back to hospital at 3am Thursday morning and had my waters broken at 7am and my son was born 5pm thursday night.

    I hope this helps, at least you are well on the way to having your gorgeous bubba!!!!!

    Goodluck with everything!

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    Hi there, I lost my plug on the monday morning, too. Got contractions (15 mins apart) at 2am on the wednesday morning, labour started full-on on the thursday night.

    Good luck!

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