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    KellyF Guest

    Hubby Question

    Hi Ladies,

    I was wondering if anyone has had a partner that has had "wobbly legs" or had the possibility of fainting while you're in labour?

    When I had a miscarriage in December last year, I had to have an internal examination (pretty much like a pap smear). There was alot of blood (I hope that doesn't gross anyone out) and when the doctor left the room, hubby had to sit down. His heart was racing and his legs were wobbly.

    I am currently 24 weeks. We watched the birth from "In the Womb" on Foxtel the other day and his toes curled up at that too.

    Can anyone tell my of a similar situation they may have been in and/or how how they combat it?

    Thanks heaps,


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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005

    Hi KellyF,

    My hubbie was the same with #1 - never fainted, but didnt want to know any gory details when i went for checkups, and often couldnt look at the graphic pictures detailed in my pregnancy books. When the time came for our little DD to pop out DH was there the whole time - up at my head end of course, but i think he overcame his fears and obstacles cause he saw the kind of pain (!!!!##@#$@) i was in.
    I also had my mother in the labour room with us. I kinda think that relieved a bit of pressure off DH too.
    Dont stress too much. Believe me when the time comes you'll be grabing onto Dh so hard he wont have time to think about fainting. !!

    Good Luck.

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    Feb 2005
    Mid North Coast NSW

    hi kelly,

    i am wondering the same thing. my DH is so uneasy about the whole thing, neither of us know how he will really react. i think maybe the adrenealin and excitement will help?

    all the best to you both!!


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    kjorgo1 Guest


    I was worried when I had DD not because DH was not good with blood or anything (he gives blood every 6 weeks and is a trained first aider and nothing phases him) but just that he would be concentrating on me so much that he would neglect himself. So I had a very good friend as another labour support person. She helped me but she also helped him as it was our first and she has had 4 kids. She was sooo good I think she should hire herself out!! I would suggest perhaps having a support person for your support person! Just in case he needs a rest or someone to get him a drink or some food without having to leave your side.

    Hope this helped


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    Andrew turned a bit white and shaky during my first labour, but was as cool as a cucumber the 2nd time around


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    Oct 2003
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    DH nearly fell over with the epidural, but watched the c/s happen.... 8-[ So he freaked out at the needle, had to sit down, & went green and was fine & joking throughout the c/s even though he could see inside me. (I did make him watch a dog c/s at work just in case though LOL!)

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    Mar 2005


    Hon, I think it's quite different when you his wife is actually going trough it do IYKWIM, and if he doesn't want to look at the gross end LOL then ask him to keep looking in your eyes and that you'll need his strength-Im sure he'll come through for you darl.xx

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    Jan 2005
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    When we went to the hospital for Mason it was around midday. The hospital gave the partner one free meal so the midwife suggested Trev eat lunch as there may be too much action going on at tea time to eat and he may feel nauseated due to not eating properly. They have seen quite a few DH's pass out due to lack of food!

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    Jun 2005
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    DH was like that as well until it was actually time - he was my rock and afterwards said he couldn't believe he had been sucha sook about it all as it was the most amazing experince for him - he then went on to film our 2nd little arrival.