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Thread: I DONT Like this Sypmptom!!!!!!!

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    Default I DONT Like this Sypmptom!!!!!!!

    I had the scary experience last night of having the worst shortness of breath. It felt like a panic attack even thow I know thats not what is happening.

    I couldnt sit, and I couldnt lay down as it got the point where i felt really woozy.

    On Thursday my obs explained it as there is a whole lot of factors.. there is more carbon dioxide in our blood when pregnant plus the baby is leaving less and less room for everything now.

    I ended up ringing the midwives at the hospital last night for the first time...just explained that i simply could not slow my breathing down or take a deep breath.

    She paniced me a little when she said it didn't sound baby related ...and asked if I had asthma at all. I have never had asthma but it might be worth getting it looked into.

    She told me that if i needed to, to come to emergency and get checked.

    I thought going to the hospital and waiting hours was the worse thing I could do, plus talking to the midwife helped calm me a I took myself off to bed with lots of pillows....popped on some relaxation music.

    I eventually relaxed and started to get my breath back...and drifted off to sleep.

    Being home alone is sometimes not very fun.

    I am really sore today, like I had had the hiccups for hours on end.

    I felt bubs wiggle around a lot when i moved onto my left hand perhaps she was just lying really awkward and squashing me all up.

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    Chrissy - so sorry to hear of you having this symptom while home alone - not fair. I hope you get some sleep tonight. PS I'm a chronic asthmatic and these symptoms are horrible.

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    hope you feel better soon!

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    Aww Chrissy, you poor thing. I hope you feel better soon.

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