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    First and foremost, I apologise if this is TMI but I'm starting to get worried.

    I went to the loo this morning and found some spotting on my underwear. It was brown and I honestly thought it was old AF stains that I hadn't cleaned out properly and missed before putting them away. But then on closer inspection I noticed that the smallest amount had gone through to my jeans (which are only a couple of weeks old so it can't be an old stain or anything). There's been no other spotting today even on an internal check. BUT, I constantly feel like I'm leaking. And it has a smell far too similar to, well, . I've changed my underwear and there is a small amount of clear fluid on them. Problem is, being only 8 weeks PG, my first PG and all those nasty thought my MIL has put in my head, I'm worried something bad is happening. I've had mild cramping similar to early in the PG which I put down to Bubbles making themself comfortable. I haven't called my doc because he was not happy with my decision to go private and practically told me not to worry or call unless there is blood and cramping and if I miscarry then I should be glad because it means it wasn't a viable pregnancy (he's normally pretty good BTW). I haven't called my Ob because my first appt isn't for two weeks and I feel silly calling to get an earlier appointment when she is so booked.

    So, should I be worried? Am I leaking? What am I leaking? Is it normal?

    Thanks in advance from the worry wort Mother Goose....

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    Melinda Guest


    Don't apologise - nothing is TMI during PG! It's ok to be worried and anxious - we all get that way!

    When you say you had spotting - was it brown, or red? It's quite common to get a bit of breakthrough bleeding at the time your period would have been due, so say at 4w, 8w and 12w PG. Quite often brown blood is known as 'old blood' and isn't cause for any great concern. There is a lot of extra blood flow to the cervix during PG which can quite often be the cause of some spotting.

    During my PG with Jacob, I had some brown discharge on 3 occasions and it totally freaked me out - but as you can tell, he arrived just fine!

    It's normal to get cramping during your PG as well, as the uterus stretches.

    There is usually an increase in the amount of CM produced during PG too. It can quite often be a bit of a different colour and consistency to what you're normally used to - try wearing a panty liner to make yourself a bit more comfortable and it may help to monitor what's going on if you're worried.

    Your Doctor sounds like he's been very insensitive - I'm really sorry to hear that! It's times like these that you need reassurance and understanding. Is there another Doctor that you could see to arrange an early scan? That would be the best indication of what is happening and should set your mind at ease. If not, don't hesitate to ring your OB and explain what is happening so that you can get in earlier - remember, that's what they're there for!

    Good luck!

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    Thank you Melinda. It was definatly brown and I did read a post from someone about bleeding at 4, 8 and 12 weeks but the other was freaking me out. If I'm still stressing tomorrow I think I will call and get a referral for an early scan. I could almost wait to see DH's best friend next week when I'm in Adelaide and get him to write me a referral but I've always sworn I wouldn't do that since he keeps offering to deliver our children...
    Thanks again for settling this worry worts nerves!


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    Melinda Guest


    No worries MG - I'm glad I was able to help a bit.

    See what you can do about getting an early scan done - it really will go a long way towards easing your mind (speaking as one who has BTDT!). I'm sure everything will be fine - the CM sounds like pretty normal stuff and the brown spotting is definitely something I experienced myself!

    Take care...keep us posted on how things go!

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    Hi MG. I had some spermy leakage too. I get the "AF's arrived" feeling in my knickers - had it really, really badly this morning, but just this clear stuff. It's not EWCM and it's not creamy mucus, it's just sticky like semen. I've had this for the last couple of days and it's freaking me out a bit - I made sure I was nice and clean this morning so it is all from me and bubs, IYKWIM. I think at 8 weeks I was getting clear stuff with green globs in the middle of it (yup, I was, it was just before I did the pg test so at 7-8 weeks) so it could be mucus plug byproducts? Even the browny stuff?

    Pre-preg, sometimes we'd have a bloody spermy thing after sex - that was from me, but occasionally him, but because that was normal for us, a bit of blood never bothered me (did DH though LOL) - I think it would bother me a lot more now.

    Hope you're feeling better and that your doctor starts being nicer to you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryn
    Hi MG. I had some spermy leakage too. I get the "AF's arrived" feeling in my knickers - had it really, really badly this morning, but just this clear stuff. It's not EWCM and it's not creamy mucus, it's just sticky like semen. I've had this for the last couple of days
    Thanks Ryn, that sounds exactly like what I'm getting. I guess it's normal... if still freaking out Monday I'm off to the GP and try to get a scan before my flight on Tuesday night. Otherwise I might try and squeeze somthing in whilst I'm in Adelaide. How is everything going with your pregnancy?


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    The feeling like you are leaking sounds pretty normal to me. I'm still getting this and always have to wear liners. Very annoying, but all part of being pregnant.

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    I love being pregnant! Aside from the fact that my pants all look really filthy at the end of the day (ah well, at least I do my own washing!), the lack of marital relations and the fact DH drank a load of wine last night (I love our rosehip wine and can't have it!), it's all going fab. Feel a bit like a sober fraud though, it's all going so well.

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