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Thread: i had growth scan today

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    Question i had growth scan today

    hi guys well i have had my growth scan done yesturday my dates are 36w1d at scan and scan shown me to be 38w3d now also my doctor says im a week behind my dates coz of last u/s done at 20 weeks so he puts me a 35w4d so who is right???????the tech told me that my new edd is 30/5/06 by the size of bubs at the moment weights 3572grams now as u/s cant be right it could be bigger or smaller the tech also did all these cool graphs bubs is in the 95% mark out off 100% so much bigger in everyway by the measurements so next step is to see ob on tuesday now he said to me at last appointment if bubs was not to big he would induce me wed or thursday or if to big do c/section on the friday so i guess it looks ike either way this time next week baby girl will be here

    i feel really unsure on what to do i mean what if his dates are right baby will be classed as a premmie. i feel really upset about it all i guess its the hormones but i just feel so out of control so i will let you know next week thanks guys for all your replies last time its nice to know we can vent and rave about things and get the support that you need from you all

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    Hey there, yes it's confusing when you get all this 'techy' information and it's contradictory. I think sometimes it's best to listen to a good old midwife who just takes a fundal measurement, tells you that your bub is doing fine and that bub will arrive sometime in the next x weeks (depending on your EDD based on LMP or early scan date). I wouldn't put much stock in any updated EDDs based on scan, as they are inaccurate, work on averages (your bub could just be a littley or a biggey) and don't take into account that it is your bub that decides when he/she is fully cooked and ready to appear.

    Stop worrying and stop putting too much stock into doctor's opinions! After all, even the top OBs cannot accurately predict the arrival date of babies (unless they are doing an elective c/s ).

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    I heard that the most accurate dating to go by is the first u/s you ever had. ie: I had mine @ 9 weeks and it showed my due date to be 13th June , even though Ive had heaps of ultrasounds since then , I stay with the 13th June because the bigger the baby the harder it is to pinpoint the date
    Good luck with everything , and remember its your body your baby and YOU make the decisions.. keep us updated!

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    My ob is the same, has gone by the earliest scan of 1 sep, my last scan edd was 27 aug. I am sorry I can't offer much advice. The ob should know what he is talking about. Can you ask if you can wait to go into labour and then opt for a c/s when this happens so that bubs is in there for as long as possible?

    All the best


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