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Thread: i have the worst memory!

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    DoubleK Guest

    Default i have the worst memory!

    and its killing me! i feel soooo stupid sometimes! ive heard it is a pregnancy symptom, and my mum always says "pregnant pause" whenever i forget something! lol

    i have left my car keys in the ignition countless times (only in my driveway thank god, haven't managed to lock them inside the car yet tho!)
    i misplace my mobile phone daily!
    i start telling a story and forget what the point to it was or why i was telling it in the first place...

    and to top it off... this morning when i had a shower, i rinsed my hair and went to grab the conditioner bottle, then i wondered to myself... was that shampoo i just washed out? or have i done conditioner already? i couldnt for the life of me remember, so i conditioned anyways!

    its funny, but also makes me want to screeeeeeam! lol
    who else is that forgetful?? or am i alone!! lol

    Rach #-o

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    I am right there with you!! Especially with the starting to tell a story and then forgetting where you are going with it or why you were telling it in the first place... hilarious stuff

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    I locked my keys in the car TWO days in a row!!
    My husband and friend think it's hilarious, but everyone else who doesn't know I'm pregnant yet are convinced I've finally lost it

    And it's harder to speak! I try to read to my husband from pregnancy books, and I can't pronounce words with more than 2 syllables!!

    It IS funny I suppose, but also frustrating!! Ah well. Soon people will realise I'm stupid for a reason....

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    I'm enjoying my stupidity it's the only time in my life i have been able to get away with it and believe me i am well and truly up the with the fairies in la la land i carry around my diary with me now because i simply can NOT remember a thing i am supposed to be doing ....

    and yes i have committed the mortal sin of even forgetting to pick up my kids from school i looked at the clock and thought i still had over an hour to be there well guess what ... that phone call from the school is probably the most embarassing one i have ever encountered

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    Hahahahahahahaha I do the shampoo and conditioner thing often and I'm not even pregnant, hahahahaha. I think I will put it down to mummy brain though, pmsl.

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    I hear ya! I had to get a new phone last week as I'd lost the charger and it was too old to be able to buy a replacement charger. Guess what I found in the glovebox yesterday. I don't even remember putting it in there :-k
    On the bright side I got a new phone though lol!

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    I also find myself thinking about something else whilst making Jonah's bottle and I forget how many scoops I have put in ](*,) Very annoying because I have to waste it and start again.

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