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    Default I'm confused

    Is it necessary for me to go an have a ultrasound before 12 weeks? When I was at the drs there is one gyno 4 hours away that isn't taking ladies until 20 weeks because of shortage in the area. So we have decided to go to another town 4 hours too hoping to get some better take on all of it.

    The dr isn't doing blood work because I had tests done in August and he said they are still recent and have all the knowledge he needs. Then poured a couple of pages of stuff in front of us about the 11-14 week scan for the Nuchal Translucency assessment.

    I thought there was a layout of all the weeks we go in for scans plus extra testing but I don't seem to be given this. I was just told there will be set times when I come in and they are on these weeks then you will have to go to the coast for the scans.

    Sorry if this sounds confusing but I thought I had it all worked out but apparently not ](*,)

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    There doesn't seem to be a set thing. I had bloods done when I told the GP we were TTC. But once pg, the OB sent me for the same set of bloods anyway, even tho the others were only really a few months old.

    I ended up having a viability scan at 8 weeks as I was having some bleeding, but I think a scan at this stage isn't standard unless there's hints of problems.

    My first OB appointment was at 12 weeks, where he did a quick scan himself just to basically measure the baby and make sure blood was flowing through the chord etc. But we opted not to have the NT scan, as we knew we wouldn't terminate for any reason anyway.

    I think the important scan is at 18-20w where they do all the measurements and make sure the baby's organs are developed ok, like the heart, the brain, the kidneys etc.

    I'm not scheduled for anymore scans at this stage. I think if you're having a problem free pregnancy, they just let nature do it's thing

    I also just had a blood test for glucose levels and blood count (28weeks). That's a standard test too I think.

    Don't know if any of that helps you at all.

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    Sometimes you can get an early sacn (around 7 weeks) to date the pregnancy but if you are fairly sure of your dates your Dr may not get it done. They also do early scans if you have bleeding to see what's going on. I hope you won't need one of them. Sometimes if women are anxious about a pregancy they will also do a scan just for reassurance.
    At about 12 weeks you can get an NT scan which along with a blood test checks the odds of downs syndorme. If you wouldn't terminate a pregnanacy based on the results there may not be much point getting it.
    At around 18-22 weeks they do a quite detailed diagnostic scan to check for a whole range of things (amount of amnio fluid, position of placenta, cleft palate, growth of baby, babies organs).
    Depending on the findings of this scan they may scedule more for later. For example I had a low lying placenta at my 18 week scan so today I have one to see if its moved up.
    Some obs will do a quick scan at every visit but they are not so well trained in using the ultrasound as the technicians who do it at the diagnostic imaging places so mainly its just to check that every thing looks like it is progressing.
    Although there aren't really any known side effects from US quite a few people prefer to keep thier use to a minimum whilst others get choose to get non-medical extras done.
    Not all Drs follow the same pattern but at an absolute minimum they will all send you for the 18-22 week one.

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    I had blood tests when seeing my GP to check I was definitely pregnant.

    Then when I first rang my OB they said they first see you around 10-12 weeks. So I was booked in for a scan at 10w5d. But at the scan my dates changed due to the baby size and they said I was 9w6d. So basically I had my medical history done, pap smear, internal scan, external and interal checks on my body and blood tests.

    My second scan is booked for 13w6d - this will be my NT scan. I guess this is what they call the "12 week scan"? The one most people have. The first scan I had was for free - I suppose it was just a dating scan.

    Then I assume the next one is the 20 week one.

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    For me the 12 week scan was optional as I was under 30 so was not considered high risk. We decided to have the scan anyway as we wanted to check for downs syndrome and other birth defects that can be detected at that stage.
    The only scan they ensure you have is the 20 week scan. I loved this scan as this was when we found out we were having a little boy.

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    Thanks everyone the info has helped alot

    Hi Theresa, I'm in Tieri. Dr McPhee in Emerald has just suspended his maternity services because he is the only one doing it and has been working 100 plus hours a week. The week leading up to Christmas my SIL was turned away twice to be induced because there was so many ladies in there. They were even giving birth in private suites so opted not to go to Emerald.

    We have decided to move our records into Rockhampton now

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