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    My lmp was march 15th I went on the 25th of April and had a scan it showed a sac and a yolk..I was measuring 5 week 2 days. And from my lmp I should have been 6 weeks. Well the tech said everything looked fine.. So today I went and had another scan and at first with an abdominal scan the doctor said the sac was way to small only measuring 9 mm..and that there was no more baby and I was going to miscarry, I asked him to do an internal u/s and he did and we then saw the sac, the yolk and a very small fetal pole. the pole measured 3.5 mm and he said that was way to small..with the internal scan the gest sac measured 22.5 mm across, but he said it was to inflated looking and that meant I was going to miscarry. Now, also we saw a heartbeat..he said he couldnt get a good reading on how fast it was, but he though maybe it wasnt an actual h/b but just a pulsating off of my pulse showing in the baby? I have never even heard of such a thing. I kept asking how far along I am measuring now, and he said he dosnt know..but somthing like 5 weeks? It all makes no sense to me. He told me at first he was sure I would miscarry and at the end of the scan said to keep taking care of myself and have blood work done to check my levels and that maybe the baby would be fine?? I am so confused I cant stop crying and I dont know what to think. I am seeing a different doc for a second opinion tomorrow and I will have my blood results back sunday to see if my levels are rising right. Any advice, and of you been through this please help. thanks

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    I had my last LMP on the 2nd March and I went for a scan on the 27th April thinking I was 7 weeks 3 days but I was put back to 5 weeks 2 days. My HCG levels on the 18th april were 3854 which put me in the 5 week category but the scan 9 days later says I was just 5 weeks then which means the HCG levels were when I was bareky 4 weeks pg. On our scan we saw a a sac a fetal pole and a baby measuring 2mm. We also saw a heartbeat and she said it was 123 bpm. I have another scan on the 22nd May.

    I chat with a girl on msn and she is a sonographer and she really put my mind at ease. I described everything I saw and she said in her opinion it looks like a healthy pregnancy..

    I understand how hard it is to remain positive. I really hope when you get your blood tests results that those numbers are rising nicely.. ((hugs))

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    i really don't know about things like this but i just wanted to say big :hugs: for you and my fingers are crossed for u

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