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Thread: Implanon Pregnancy??

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    I've currently got an implanon in my arm... yes it's definitely there I can feel it. Other than the number of women who mistakenly never had it actually inserted, is it possible to get pregnant with this implant??

    I usually have pretty breezy periods but my last one I was feeling nausias which isn't normal, I just put it down to strange period. My period has now stopped but I'm still feeling seedy and bloaty! My mother had at least 2 'periods' while pregnant with both my sister and I... Another thing that is puzzling me, is I love my cups of tea but they are now tasting really quite gross! I know change in taste is quite normal in pregnancy.

    Is pregnancy a possibility or am I reading way too much into this? Would taking a pregnancy test be accurate with the progesterone of the implant? Don't know much about testing.

    Blah I feel really gross...


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    implannon can do really wierd things to your cycle - when i was using it i never got a period. so long as you weren't pregnant before it was inserted, you shouldn't be pregnant now. if you were pregnant before, the implant shouldn't hurt the feotus. and in answer to your question 'yes' pregnancy tests should still work while using the implant.

    if you are at all unsure you should go and see a doctor.

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    Hi - my cycles were all over the place when I had the implanon. No bleeding and then periods of around 20 days, ug.

    I have a vague memory that my doctor did a pregnancy test before I had it put in.

    Do a test !


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    Well the problem is I've had the implanon since Feb last year!! I still get my periods with implanon but very irregular.... It's just that I've been having cramps and nausea even though my period has stopped a couple of days ago... 8-[

    I know that implanon is one of the most reliable contraception, just all these symptoms seem really weird.

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