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Thread: Implantation bleed? (maybe TMI)

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    Default Implantation bleed? (maybe TMI)

    Hi all,

    Just wondering what you all think- I haven't posted in here since my angel baby in 2009 but just had some spotting on the 21st... only DTD once this month on the 14th and thought my period was coming early. Had a few wipes of fresh blood and some old blood since but my period has never started.... nothing now at all... could this be implantation? my period normally comes at the end of the month, last period was from the 30th of August to the 4th of september. So confusing! Could I even test this early? last time I tested it was on the day it was late!

    thanks in advance

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    Ooh sounds promising. I'd wait about 5 days and test. Good luck!

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    Good luck!

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    I tested 5 days before I was due and got a BFP "First Response" Home tests are recommended for early detection... good luck

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