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    Important Questions

    My husband and I started trying for our second child just after my son had his second birthday at the end of March. I didn't think it was going to happen so quickly, but I had a feeling that I was pregnant and I was having period pain for a fortnight, but no period. So I took two tests and each one was very strongly positive. I didn't have this much "period" pain in my first pregnancy, so that concerns me, plus I don't know if it's worth mentioning that my grandmother was an identical twin. I also don't know if there is any correlation in the high HCG in my urine and the fact that I am nursing my 2 year old son still only some morning about 4 times a week (it's the only way I can get a bit of sleep in).

    I am elated about the pregnancy, but didn't expect it to happen so quickly. So my concerns are firstly the period-type pain, and I don't know the date of my last period (if I thought I was going to become pregnant this quickly, I would have taken note), I think it was around my son's birthday in late March.

    But my biggest concern is that I have been on holidays and my husband and I have spent about a good 3 weeks binge drinking very heavily. This is a major concern for me and I was wondering if anyone knew of any sort of test that can show effects of alcohol.

    I am very worried, so any information would be great.

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    There is no test you can take to see if drinking has caused any issues.

    A strong positive can happen for all sorts of reasons & doesn't necessarily indicate twins.

    If you don't know your dates you can always have a dating scan.

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    The first time i got preg i got 'period' pain for days,infact I didn't do a test as i was with my sisters visiting my dieing g-dad and was even wearing pads all the time cause i was sure af was going to arrive any minute. Not sure how overdue it was when i did the test but it was a strong +tive.

    Not to scare you but that preg did end in m/c but the pain was def not around when i did m/c a couple of weeks later. doc told me it was quite common for 1st pregs as i had never been preg before (much to the shock of the people treating me, imagine a 25yr old who never had an 'accident' pretty rare where i live apparently).

    Lots of people drink while preg and nothing is wrong with the baby. There are no tests other than the normal scans which could possibly show any abnormalitites. I would try not to stress too much about it. I got laser hair removal about the same time i o'd as i wasn't intending on getting preg and while i stressed intially i have mostly gotten over my paranioa.

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    I got worse crcamping with my second then I did with my first - like most things in pregnancy everything seems to be stronger the second time round - my afterbirth pains were killers. I had a scan at 7wks due to cramping but bub was sitting back happily enjoying themselves.

    As for the drinking I could be wrong but I didn't think it was a big of a deal until after the placenta is properly functioning around 12wks before this time the egg is doing most of the nurturing - please correct me if I'm wrong someone

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    I got quite a strong positive immediately and I was only 4 weeks and 1 day pregnant and the bloodtest that same day actually revealed that my HCG levels were actually quite low. I'm not convinced strong positives mean anything really as the test brand, the concentration of urine, etc can all have an effect. A positive is a positive in my view

    Don't worry about the binge drinking - that's a common concern. It's extremely unlikely any damage has been done. There would be an awful lot of children with FAS if drinking in very early pregnancy (ie before you know you're pregnant) had an affect on bubs! I'm sure you've stopped drinking now you know you're pregnant though.

    No point worrying about twins just yet either. The doctor should be able to tell at your first scan if there is more than one in there. Also, identical twins are not hereditary, it's fraternal twins that are. Idential twins are rarer as it's when one fertilised egg splits into two. Fraternal are when two sperms fertilise two eggs.

    Good luck with everything. I hope you have a wonderful pregnany!
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