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Thread: infertility and placental insufficiency?

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    Default infertility and placental insufficiency?


    Does anyone know why Obstetricians are wary about couples who have had infertility issues, in letting them past their due date? Our Ob wants to induce straight away for the risk of placental insufficiency...just because it took us years to conceive. He's been flexible with us the whole way until now, he's not really willing to negotiate on this one, he thinks its too risky for us.
    But the bub was conceived naturally in the end so I'm not sure what the concern is?

    I've been looking for some literature on this but can't find any either.

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    SamanthaP Guest


    Ask him for his evidence to support induction. He may well have some but you have every right to see it. What exactly are the risks and why does he think it's his call on not risky/too risky, and not yours?

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