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    Hi, I've just moved to the tropics and am being eaten alive by mosquitoes. I've been told not to use aeroguard or rid etc while pregnant because of the chemicals. The mozzies up here may carry Ross River Fever or Dengue Fever though so I'm hoping that members may know of some insect repellants that are safe to use while pregnant.

    Thanks for your help

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    Maybe if you ask a local Dr or midwife they will be able to help you out - its probably a fairly common concern if you're in the tropics. In the meantime maybe a bit of citronella on your clothes (you could try putting it in the rinse cycle if you don't find the smell too off-putting) and some citronella candles might be a more natural alternative. Since most mozzie bites are between dusk and dawn if you stay indoors in those hours and sleep under a mozzie net you can minimise your exposure to the nasty little blood suckers. You can also minimise biting by wearing light cloloured clothes and long sleeves and pants and avoiding strong smelling perfumes, aftershaves etc.

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    I've heard vitamin B makes you taste funny to the mozzies. So perhaps get some B vitamins in safe amounts for pg? I know my multis have a lot of the B vit in them.

    Hope you don't get too bitten!!

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    Sharon, I just read that catnip is good for repelling mozzies.

    Other than that, I know you don't want to use a spray, but I would recommend the Repel mozzie spray. I think we ended up buying it originally because it was advertised as being for babies/children. We found that it smells a lot nicer and doesn't get up your nose as much.


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    have you tried burning sandalwood sticks? We have used these since finding out about them at a camping show a few years ago. The brand I have is called New Mountain & is available at Bunnings or the company have a website. They are all natural & made in WA.
    A couple of years ago we went camping by a river, lots & lots of mozzies, but we werent bothered by them at all.


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    Hi, thanks for your replies. I had an appointment with a new obstetrician yesterday and she told me that it's an old wives tale not to use insect repellants like aeroguard and rid and that they are perfectly safe to use as long as you are spraying them on and not breathing in all the fumes at the same time, lol. A bit like paint sniffing lol. I was a bit wary so she went and double checked with the other obstetrician who also said they are perfectly safe to use as you apply them to your skin and the chemicals don't travel to the blood stream, but not to take any of the chemist products like tablets/liquids etc designed to repel mozzies as they don't know the effects they can have on unborn babies.

    Thanks again for your help and hopefully this info may be able to help someone else with the same problem.


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    That's good news Sharon! Now you won't be eaten alive by mozzies.


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