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Thread: iron defiency + floradix

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    Default iron defiency + floradix

    I'm 30 weeks and feeling very tired as a result of now being iron deficent. My ob. recommended taken 40mls of floradix a day- however on the box is says 20mls. Just wondering if anyone has taken floradix, how you found it and how much you took.

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    I have been told by midwives that Floradix is the most effective iron supplement there is, better than the fefols etc and has less side effects of other supplements too. It sounds wonderful and the best thing he could have recommended.
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    i would perhaps cal just to be sure that he meant 40ml but i imagine he may have wanted you to take double dosage to make sure your levels are right up there at the end of your preg. it cant hurt to make the call and make sure if you are concerned. have also heard good things about it so good luck!

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    I'd definitely call to double check the amount with your ob before taking as you don't want to have too much.
    I take elevit and this has 60mg of iron in it and I haven't suffered at all from iron deficiency. However it would be good to know what the different between 6omg is with 20/40ml of yours?

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    I took it throughout my last pg and will be taking it again too. It is one of the best iron supplements I have had and I have had a long history of low iron. It is not cheap but definately worth it. You will feel much better after taking it. I took 20mls daily on an empty stomach.

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    Floradix is great. I have not taken it during my pregnancy but I have at times over the years as I am a vegetarian. I used to take 10mls two times daily with food, until the bottle ran out then I wouldnt need any again for 3-6months. So 40mls sounds alot but maybe you need the extra boost? You wouldnt need 40mls for too long though I dont suppose as its pretty effective stuff! Maybe talk to your doctor about cutting down after awhile, but you you will know within yourself when you dont need as much.

    My GP put me onto a supplement called Fefol which you get from a chemist. It is an iron and folate tablet for pregnant women. You just take one a day and I've found it much easier than fiddling around and remembering to take dosages. I have it after dinner with a glass of orange juice. (This way I don't get constipated!).

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    I took Floradix as a tonic after DD was born as I was a long time recovering (fatigue, etc). What I found was it tasted really really good to me, until I was feeling much better and then I developed an aversion to it. So my body basically told me how long to take it!

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