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    hi all
    a friend of mine is a naturopath and she has given me some iron stuff to give me more energy and I was just wondering if anyone had heard of it and if it is ok to take while im preggers. It says on the bottle its ok but Im already taking elivit so is it ok to take together? Its called Blooms organic iron plus. It seems ok.
    Thanks for your advice

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    I was told not to take too much iron beacuase it can make you constipated.. I dont know how much is "too much" is though. Are you low in Iron?

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    My iron stores are low and am borderline anaemic this PG and am taking Iron supplements from the chemist. I take one tablet every two days and it has boosted my energy levels, I don't have that drained zombie feeling all the time and also has helped get my clogged up bowels working again.

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    I have only taken elevit which has good levels of iron so not sure why you'd need more ... however do talk with your ob about this as you dont want to be overdoing it. Also try and eat iron rich foods instead to compliment your elevit rather than take another supp eg raw almonds, spinach, licorice, dried apricots and the like. I am sure your naturopath friend can give you a list of foods that fit this category.
    Hope this helps

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    Yep, I take iron too for low energy and for low iron levels, because with ds they told me it was too low the day before i had him.
    I find it easier to take a tablet rather than eat heaps of different foods with iron. I would double check on whether you can take the two together. When I bought my iron supplement the chemist made a point of saying don't take any other pregnancy supplements at the same time.

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    My iron levels are 96 and the midwife told me to keep tkaing Fabfol but to also take ferro gard with vit c. She said even though you should eat leafy greens etc, it is hard for your body to absorb iron from some foods so to take a supplement.

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