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    Irregular heartbeat

    Kirsty, great news about little Gus!

    I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a problem with their baby's heart beat?
    I went for my usual check up on Thurs night, where very unexpectedly, while the midwife was listening to the heart, we could hear that it was missing every third beat. It has been perfect at all the other appointments, so she hooked me up to an ECG for an hour or so.
    This printed out the beats and it is quite irregular.
    Since Thurs I have had another ultrsound (where they think all is physically good with the baby's heart) but still showed the irregular beat. I have also have a blood test for Lupus, but they don't think this is the case. More just to cross it off the list of possible reasons.
    I am now booked in for a fetal echocardiogram on Monday at another hospital for more checks.
    I am a bit worried although trying to stay positive. At least we know that the heart structure is o.k and the docs say that it could just correct itself before or after birth.
    I guess I was really enjoying a very uncomplicated and enjoyable pregnancy and now there is something that has come out of the blue.
    Has any one else had a similar problem?

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    BellyBelly Member

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    Laura, sorry but I haven't experienced anything similiar. Regardless, I truly hope that everything turns out to be fine with your little bubba!

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    laurau Guest

    Thanks Becka!

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    laurau Guest

    Thanks also Jillian.

    Fingers crossed!

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    Boo Bella Guest

    This is what I have found from a friend. Her bub had the same thing and was fine.

    The most common cause of an irregular heart rhythm is when the top part of the heart beats too early (premature atrial contraction). Sometimes this premature beat is transmitted to the bottom part of the heart; other times the communication between the top and bottom part of the heart is interrupted after a premature beat.

    An early beat that is transmitted or blocked will cause an irregularity in the heart's rhythm. These premature atrial contractions are very common in the second half of pregnancy and usually don't cause any problems. They may persist after the baby is born, but usually go away by one month of life. Medication isn't necessary.

    Hope this helps....

    Take care

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    I'm going to move this post to pregnancy general discussion, you might have more answers there