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    My boss! Shame he's not a "proper" obstetrician, "just" an endocrinologist with an interest in obstetrics who does an Obs clinic once a week.

    But he's the first medical person to tell me that my bump isn't too small and think that the people who have told me so are idiots. Plus he's told me that some midwives are worse than witchdoctors and to ignore those. I'm so glad he's checking up on me every now and then. I'd happily swap him for the last midwife I saw (who told me off for a 28cm bump at 30w, even though baby is 61.9 centile on the scan), in fact I'd probably swap him for most people I've seen.

    Anyway, I suppose it's a good thing he's not an Obs, else I'd be going to his clinic and I really don't fancy undressing in front of him LOL. But I'm just so happy that he thinks some of the things I've been told in the last couple of weeks are silly; it's not just me then!

    *sings* I'm gonna do my happy dance...

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    Ryn, it great that you have someone close by like that who knows what they're on about.
    My bump never matched up with the number of weeks I was, and one week the midwife I saw measure it backwards and told me it had got 2cm smaller than the week before!

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