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    Hi girls

    Just wondering how many days you can go without feeling movement?

    My friend is 23weeks and panics when she hasn't felt it move during the day.. so how many days is it safe to go for ??

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    JoDan, I'm 23 weeks today and don't feel my bubba every day - I have no regular movements. My doctor said it isn't anything to worry about because at this stage they (the bubba) are still pretty small and have heaps of room to hide. Having said that, for her own peace of mind, I would suggest your friend contact her Ob/midwife/GP and seek advice from them.
    Has your friend tried having a really icy cold drink and then lying on her side for an hour to see if that promotes movement?


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    Yep generally at that time I wasn't able to feel heaps of movement due to having an anterior placenta. One thing the midwives recommend is sitting down with your feet up & drinking an icy cordial and counting movements in an hour.

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