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Thread: labour after leep procedure?

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    Default labour after leep procedure?

    Hi everyone, i wasn't sure where to post this so i'm sorry if its in the wrong spot. I'm just interested to hear of any birth experiences after a leep procedure??
    I had a leep done about a year and a half ago for abnormal cells on my cervix. I am now preggas with my second bub ( i had the leep done after the birth of my first bub) and am wondering if the leep would have any impact on my labour? I've read that scar tissue on the cervix caused by the leep procedure can stall labour and hinder the cervix from dialating.. but i've also read that it could go the other way and labour could be short! I'm really hoping the later is true!!
    I'd love to hear from anyone who's had a leep procedure and since given birth. My first labour was reeeeeeeally painful and intense and lasted 16hours.. i ended up with an epidural which was heaven but i'm praying for a more natural shorter labour this time but i'm worried the scar tissue (if i have any, i haven't been checked) might slow things down.
    Any experiences???

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    Hi and welcome to BB!! You will find lots of support and info here!
    I posted a thread about this after I had my daughter because I had a long induced labour that ended in c/s and wondered if it was related to the laser and leep that I had about 6 mths proir to getting pg ( I had CIN 2 and CIN 3 abnormal cells) as well but the response from most people on here was that it really shouldn't affect it at all...Maybe ask at your next appointment about it if you are still worried! Good luck.

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