thread: Leaky nipples?

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    Leaky nipples?

    Hi all,

    When I was pg with Olivia I found I had leaky nipples from about 32 weeks.

    So, I have been keeping my eye out for the same problem this time round, with breast-pads at the ready.

    To be honest, I am kind of hoping that they will start leaking, as I had a great time breastfeeding Olivia, and the fact the I had leaky nipples was reasurring, IYKWIM?

    But if they don't start leaking, does that mean that I may have probs with milk production?

    Is anyone else having leaky nipples at this stage?

    Or does anyone know any facts behind leaky nipples? (ie that in a second pregnancy it is not as bad/profuse?)

    Or could it be climate? (ie in Darwin with Olivia it was always warm and humid so things may have been more "fluid" IYKWIM? And now I am in an Adelaide winter, it may alter the leakiness potential?!)

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    I'm not to sure if your location would be making any difference. But I am sure that every pregnancy is different. I didn't have leaking breasts at all during my first preg and with my second, DS#1 weaned about 4 months into it. I thought that I would have milk really early in the 2nd preg for sure as I had only just stoped BFing my first. But I couldn't express a drop, nothing at all untill I had Glenn. I have had no troubles at all with supply or milk production so I wouldn't worry to much about it. I think the reassurance you may be looking for will fall in the lap of the fact you breastfed Olivia successfuly so you should be an old pro at it once you and your new baby get the hang of things.

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    I didn't have leaky nipples before or during breastfeeding. However I know of friends who's did leak before birth, and then leaked whenever they heard a baby cry!

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    Hi Lucy

    Mine don't leak per say, well not on their own, but if I do give them a little squeeze I get a little bit of clear stuff leak out. I assume this is colostrum??

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    layla Guest

    I think sometimes it's a case of your body knowing what it's doing a bit more the second time around.
    I had leaky nipples the first time I was pg and a huge over supply of milk after Sean was born. The second time around I didn't leak during pg and my milk supply was spot on.
    It's not an indicator of how successful BFing will be, don't worry!

    PS, I'm not leaking at all this time either!

    Bec, yep, that'd be colostrum.

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    Stormi Guest

    I think that it can vary, just like other pg symptoms vary with each pg. With #1, I leaked colustrum around 30 or so weeks...I mean, it was just a couple of drips...probably only noticed it as it was summer at the time and I had no PJ top on and I felt something drip onto my arm lol. Then in pg #2 I didn't leak at all. Had no problems with milk production/bf either of them afterwards. In this pg, I've probably leaked colustrum the most - would often wake up and have little stains on my PJ top from it.

    So don't be concerned about this being a problem when you bf.

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    Lucy my breasts leaked from about 27-29 wks of my first preg, then once I had Maddy I had no milk at all, she was constantlyt starving & my nipples cracked, cplit & bled profusely, so a week of age I put her on the bottle!

    I am leaking again but not as much this time, just notice it get's really cold in my PJ's & there's a little oily wet patch!

    So I guess it really doesn't mean anything!????

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    Melody Guest

    Ewwwwww! I have started to leak quite a bit too. It all began at around week 24 but now I have graduated to random 'orangey/yellowy' spots right on both nipples through my clothes in public. I'm loving it! Not! [-(

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    Lucy, I'm on my 2nd pg, and this time I seem to have a bit more colostrum than last time. I don't have 'leaky' breasts per say, however I do get crusty nipples and can squeeze some out if attempted. I don't think it means that you won't have a good milk supply this time around. I'm sure you'll be fine.