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Thread: Is length of gestation hereditary?

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    Default Is length of gestation hereditary?

    Just wondering... my mum and my sister both went to 40 weeks and I was kind of thinking how nice it would be to go a little early... the heat is getting to me at night already and I'm only 27 weeks!! And it's not even that hot yet!!

    I mean, nothing i can do, baby will come when he's ready, but I just wondered if I'm more likely to go later than earlier because of what happened to my sister and mum. I didn't think it would make much difference, but what do I know?!!

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    Hmm, don't know. I think everyone's different, and you're right, your baby will come when he's ready! I know what you mean about it being nice if it came early tho! The heat is difficult, isn't it.

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    I have heard of a few studies being done about this and in particular it came down to where you live, this was way back when ds was born so I have no idea what it was called or anything. I think everyone and every pg is different though, you think of all the differences in pg and how people are cared for etc.

    But I am with you on hoping for early rather than late. I'm starting my raspberry leaf tea at 34wks, lots of walking, squating everything. Fingers crossed for a Feb baby!

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