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Thread: Listeria - HELP - what food quantities?

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    Default Listeria - HELP - what food quantities?

    Hi all,

    I ate a salad today unbeknown by me that it had smoked trout in it. I had two mouthfuls before someone mentioned it to me. I am unsure of how much trout I had, it may only have been a small amount. Is it possible to get listeriosis from a very small quantity of food? Thanks. I've been worrying about it non-stop all day

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    Hi caro,
    No I think it was smoked trout, so it wasn't cooked To top it off it was from xmas day, so it was a day old. I am really hoping it is OK. How would I know if something was wrong? Thanks

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    Jan, if listeria is in the food consumed, it doesn't matter about the qty persea. If you ate the salad for lunch I would imagine you would know about it by now. Remember, that just because a food is a "risk" for listeria doesn't mean it is going to be contaminated or that you will be affected. I know it's easier said than done, but try not to stress about it. If you do feel that you have symptoms, pop down to your local A&E and explain it to them, they will help treat it and keep things on track. Or give your health care provider a call in the morning.


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