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Thread: Listeria ??? Hotdogs ???

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    Default Listeria ??? Hotdogs ???

    Ok I am feeling really BAD at the moment. This is my 3rd pregnancy so you would really think I wouldn't of been so silly. I have been having hotdogs for lunch almost every day for the past week. Then when I was reading last night I read how hotdogs are on the NO, NO list. I cooked the frankfurts in boiling water for a while before I ate them. I definately won't have anymore but do you think boiling them might of killed all the listeria that might of been present? I feel so angry with myself. I was so careful with my previous 2 pregnancies.

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    Relax hun - you're fine!

    If the hotdogs were prepared at home, cooked in boiling water and eaten hot, you have nothing to be concerned about. The high temperature would have killed any listeria present.

    I asked my ob about this specifically during my last pregnancy because I had the a killer craving for a hot dog. He said as long as it was prepared at home and cooked at a high temperature (he said an exact temp I can't remember what it was, but it doesn't get any hotter than boiling right?) there was no risk.

    I would NEVER eat a hotdog that I hadn't cooked myself at home though, you have no idea the temperature it was cooked or stored at and how long it's been stored, this is why it is listed as a risk.

    Even so, I only ate that one hotdog, it was enough to kill the craving and it's not something I wanted to eat all the time.
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    Willow - Thanks so much for that. I cooked them all myself and the water was definately boiling. I will relax now.

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    No worries I know that sinking feeling when you eat something and then think 'oh crap'.

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    I've been eating hot dogs and savaloys alot during this pregnancy, lol I've had a real craving for them. I cook them at home in the microwave but I steer clear of the ones at the shops like Wendy's & donut king or the food vans because the hot dog sausages are just sitting in a warmer and sometimes they aren't piping hot.

    During my first pregnancy I steered clear of hot dogs altogether as I was told that they contained sodium nitrate which is dangerous if eaten in excess, but after researching it I found out that sodium nitrate is a smoking agent used to smoke meat, cheeses etc and can cause cancer if eaten in excess by anyone & not just to be avoided whilst pregnant, so now I'm happing eating my hotdogs

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