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Thread: Long Haul Travel When Preggers??

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    Question Long Haul Travel When Preggers??

    Just wondering if anyone has had the pleasure (or displeasure!) of having to fly long distances when pregnant?

    I am just 20 weeks (will be 22 when I leave) and I have to travel to Dubai for work. Pregnancy is normal so no probs about actually going, and travel insurance will cover up to 26 weeks. But I thought that you guys may have some hints and tips for what to do on a long flight? Or even better if you have been to Dubai or Oman and have some advice on what I may need to do or to take with me??

    Thanks Gals!

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    I was 21 weeks ( or somewhere around there ) when I had a flight from Europe to Australia with a nigh stopover in Malaysia. ( so all in all it took about 2 days ) ..
    Luckily I didnt have a belly at all yet , so I was still sitting normaly in the chairs but I did buy myself a really daggy but extra comfy tracksuit , and as soon as I settled in my seat I took my shoes off.
    The most common advice I got was to drink heaps of water , and keep walking around as much as you can !
    We will be doing the trip again in January when the baby is 6 months old.. and i think THAT will be the hard part!

    Enjoy your trip

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    Because DVT can be more common in pregnant women just be extra vigilent about moving your legs & walking like Enigma said, and drink heaps of water.

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    I flew from Europe to OZ when I was 22weeks and didnt find it as uncomfortable as I had thought (granted I didnt have much of a tummy yet). I also managed to get an exit row seat which was great, as I could stretch out my legs. See if you can either prebook one of these seats or ask when you check in. On my return trip I was 32 weeks pregnant and was in business class which was heaven. Your going for work right? Any chance they would pay for a business ticket? Like the others have said, walk around a lot and drink heaps of water.

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