thread: Losing some tenderness in breasts

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    Conchetta Guest

    Losing some tenderness in breasts

    Hi Ladies,

    I just had a quick query. I am currently 5 weeks pregnant. My breasts were quite tender up until yesterday, they have lost a little tenderness today and I guess I am just worrying that my progesterone is not high. The fullness seems similiar though.

    Anyone else experience this?


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    Yep the sore boobs didn't hang around with me either, was only a couple of weeks and all was normal again in that department.


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    May 2003
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    I think it really varies........depending on the woman and the pregnancy.

    With my first pregnancy (sadly ended in an MC) my boobs were HUGE & so very sore, especially around the sides of my boobs. They stayed sore even beyond the mc.

    When I was pg with Olivia they were sore for about 8 weeks.

    In this pregnancy, no soreness, no additional fullness or anything!

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    Nov 2004
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    Hiya..i have to agree about it varying. I have only had minimal breast tenderness this whole pregnancy and not really in the first few weeks.


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    May 2004

    I was wondering about this also! With Jack I didn't have any tender boobs at all. This time they have been very tender but every so often they are not so tender and it causes me to get into a major flap 8-[ I'm glad it is all very normal!

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    Cynthaz Guest

    Sounds exactly like me. The tenderness dropped off very quickly which was a relief really. They're just "fuller" now and a bit leaky :-)

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    Feb 2005

    Hi Conchetta,

    Im six weeks and my boobs are still sore, not as bad as they were at 5 weeks thank god! Hopefully the soreness is subsiding.


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    Mar 2005


    Sweetheart i dont think you have anything to worry about, I had no tenderness with either of my pregnancies, but still looked like Pammie Anderson LOL, oh miss that, no I have cow udders LOL big saggy cow udders LOL, sorry very tired and silly!!!!! 8-[

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    Conchetta Guest

    Thanks Ladies,

    Takes a load off my mind. I just assumed that because this is my first pregnancy, they would be very sore (because my milk ducts haven't been scretched before) and stay that way until 3 months....


    I probably shouldn't read much into this and take each day as it comes. They are actually fairly sore again tonight!!!

    Thanks again

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    Feb 2005
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    i agree, it must be so different for everyone (as with most things).

    mine were really sore until about 14 weeks. now they are fine, just bigger.

    All the best conchetta,


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    Feb 2005
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    Mine were sore for first 6/7 weeks then went away and now soreness comes and gos sporadically.

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    May 2004

    I have been wondering and stressing over the same thing. With Nicholas my bbs were sore all of the time and this time they are only sore at night. I am glad it is normal for the soreness to subside.