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Thread: Low amnio fluid and high-risk pregnancy

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    Default Low amnio fluid and high-risk pregnancy

    Hi Guys!
    Not sure if I've posted this in the right section, but bear with me as it's my first post .
    Im 33 weeks and at my last Obs. appointment I was told that I'm measuring too small (which I've been trying to tell them for the past few appointments, finally he listened!) so he sent me for an ultrasound. This is where they found out the baby is only one week behind in growth but I have low amniotic fluid (they didn't tell me how low exactly!). I'm also on daily Clexane injections to thin my blood and am classed as high-risk because I also have Lupus and poly-cystic kidneys.
    Just wondering if anyone else has been through anything like this because I really have no idea if low amnio fluid causes any problems or anything!
    I already know I have to be induced at least a week early because of the Clexane but other than that they haven't told me anything else, which is frustrating! My obs. and other specialists are currently fighting about just how early I should be induced!
    I'm off to see the Obs. again this afternoon but any help at all would be greatly appreciated!
    It's my second pregnancy, I was pregnant last year but miscarried at 8 weeks (because I wasn't on Clexane apparently).
    That's about enough talking from me!
    Thanks, Jo

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    Firstly welcome to BB and I am glad you have found us

    A little bit of information about Low Amniotic Fluid, it can cause growth restriction, so bubs measuring a bit smaller would be likely due to that. What they will do is monitor your levels of amniotic fluid and check bubs growth, if there is a dramatic change in growth, then they would look at bringing your delivery closer, but generally it is best to keep bubs in you belly through to FT (37 weeks+) if there is still growth, becuase the advantages are greater.

    Try not to be too concerned about the size of bubs, as they all come in different sizes and at 33 weeks being behind by 1 week in growth (scans aren't all 100% accurate), isn't too much to be concerned about, but should be monitored. They may have also asked to keep a check on any fluid loss, incase you have a fluid leak, because you don't have as much as in the normal range, you don't have as much to lose as such. What I could only assume that your fluid leves are on the lower side, but not so low that it is dangerous for bubs, but something they would like to keep an eye on.

    I don't know about the use of Clexane, or you having Lupus and poly-cystic kideys would have any bearing as to why you have low fluid levels either. But keep you fluid intake up, try to avoid getting dehydrated as your levels may pick up if you increase your fluid intake.

    I have low amniotic fluid, but my levels have risen over the past few weeks, so not as low now as it was, and I have also noticed in that time, that my skin isn't as dry and cracking, I have been increasing my fluid intake and I think that may have helped bring my levels up a bit.

    I hope you OB appointment went well and pleae come back in and update
    Take care and all the best xxoo

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    Thanks for your reply and all your information!

    My Obs. now wants me to have twice weekly ultrasounds and CTG's twice a week as well. Apparently Lupus can cause low fluid and a small baby so he's not overlly concerned as he kind of expected it (just didn't let me in on the secret lol). The past three ultrasounds I've had have shown that the fluid has neither increased or decreased, but baby is growing -allbeit very slowly . I need to be induced anyway because of the clexane so my Obs. thinks the date will come forward to 37 or 38 weeks, instead of 39 which it was.

    I am making sure i stay well hydrated and I've been told to stop exercising (except for pre-natal water aerobics thankfully!) and rest as much as possible (luckily theres a very good reason because it's very boring! lol). I'v also been having to see my Obs. weekly for about a month now.

    Do you have to have regular ultrasounds? Hope your preg. is going well.

    Thanks again for your help =D. Good luck!

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    One reason to keep an eye on low amniotic fluid is to see if bub is processing the fluid through his/her kidneys. Especially as you have poly-cystic kidneys yourself, I would imagine they will be keeping a close eye on the development of bub's kidneys too. Low amniotic fluid CAN be (but doesn't always mean) that the kidneys aren't developing properly. I would ask your OB if he's checking the kidneys out during the scan.

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