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    OK, I am not too worried about this, but thought it's best to get some ideas/answers/opinions anyway.

    My blood pressure is usually lowish; I think 105/70 was "normal" for me pre-pregnancy and on the Pill, which I know can cause hypertension (high blood pressure).

    On Tuesday, my blood pressure at my antenatal clinic was 85/55, which is a bit low. My blood pressure during pregnancy has pretty much been about 90-95/60-65 before, except the one instance when I was stressed and it was 126/77, but that was because DH was a quarter of an hour late for the appointment and just as he got to the antenatal place they took my blood pressure!

    As I said, I'm not too worried - I actually feel fine, no headaches, no dizziness (aside from the normal if I stand up too quickly, but I've had that since I was a teen, just put it down to my height) and drinking plenty of fluids. But I've read that hypotension (low blood pressure) is a sign of diabetes, and as I've put on about 6kg in the last about 8w - no weight gain prior to that - I just wondered what other people thought. I'm having a GD test in 4 weeks time to rule out gestational diabetes, as my grandfather is a type II, but of course I want to know if this is a problem right now as I don't want to do anything that may hurt Liebling.

    As I said, I'm not too worried about it, but if my blood pressure keeps dropping what does that mean for the baby?

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    Generally, as long as you are being perfused with blood (your head and your kidneys are the easiest ones to monitor) then the baby is also being perfused. Monitor your urine output - if it stays normal for you then it is fine to have a lowish BP. You will notice a dizzy feeling / head spins if your BP is too low for you.

    Where I work our priority is the mother. If she is ok and well perfused then so is the baby.

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    Ta Michelle - I've not had any major urine habit changes, I'm guessing that most days my bladder just functions as normal (haha, I was dreading running to the loo every five minutes!) and I don't feel unwell, I just felt it better to be safe than sorry IYKWIM.

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    Ryn throughout both pregnancies I have had lop BP's including fainting & dizziness. Most of the time I register at 80-90/60. Until around 3rd trimester when things pick up a bit. Both times I've been monitored closely & there isn't much they can do except tell me to continue drinking 2-3 litres of fluids a day. Both pregnancies once I hit around 30 weeks my BP's went normal & both times I haven't had GD.

    The main problem with maintaining the low BP's as well is if you are considering an epidural. During labour with Matilda, when the epidural was placed my BP dropped considerably to 80/50 and they had to turn it off and so a level of pain relief was not established over the 8 hours it was in place before the emergency c/s. So they had to constantly play with the dose and the worst was I was then immobile and feeling pretty measureable contractions as they continued to up the dose of the syntocin.
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    Thanks Christy, but I can't have an epidural - not only does the birth centre not do them, the chance of my baby having a genetic defect from DH means that I can't have any anaesthetic agents whatsoever whilst pregnant. I'll have the baby tested when appropriate for the phenotype, but the baby will definately be a carrier and I'm hoping that my genes are tip-top so it's not a worry. I think this also means I can't have a C/S, not unless there is a resus team standing by. Actually, that's pretty sucky for my choices, good thing I'd made them before I thought about DH's freakiness!

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