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Thread: Low Impact Aerobics

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    Melinda Guest

    Default Low Impact Aerobics

    I've just found an old Aerobics Oz Style Video of mine which has a very basic, low impact workout on it, i.e. no jumping around etc.

    Would this be safe to do? I just want to do some exercise that will be gentle on my back (which this will be due to the low impact nature of it) but obviously something safe for the baby too.

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    My guess is that if it's low impact then it should be OK. There are quite a few good PG ones out there. I borrowed one from a friend once but I can't remember what it was called :-k
    You could try it out but be really careful about what you actually do. Have a chat to your physio, they may have something that they can reccomend.

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    kirsty Guest


    My guess would be that it is okay if it is low impact, of course if you have any concerns about trying it I would speak with your OB first to make sure that it is all ok.

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    Maybe just double check with your Dr/OB Mel, especially if its something that your body isnt used to doing.

    It sounds like it should be fine though... just keep an eye that you're not over-exerting/heating yourself.
    Have fun!

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    Hi Mel

    Yes low impact aerobics are good for you especially if you are normally an active person.

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    Hi Melinda,
    I was always under the impression that if it was something your body was used to before you got pregnant, then you should be fine during pregnancy as long as you take it a bit easier.
    So - if its using muscles that you were already using prior to falling pregnant, and your heart rate stays down beloe about 120-130, it should be fine.
    Have you thought about getting into some Yoga? This is also apparently good after about 12 weeks to get into, and you dont have to have done it before as long as you have a qualified instructor who knows you are pregnant.
    I know when I have done too much cause I get tummy cramps andI feel really sick, so I'd just watch out for those signs.

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