thread: Low Papp-A result

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    jane Guest

    Low Papp-A result

    I havent posted on here before, need some

    Have received high risk result following NT and bloods.

    Papp-a result came out at 0.17 mom which is very low.

    Has anyone else received such a low Papp-a result?

    I worried and need some reassurance.

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    jane Guest

    Thanks so much for getting back to me.

    So far I haven't been able to track down too much info on the web or any accounts of positive outcomes. It seems that Papp-A has only been taken seriously as a marker for DS and Trisomies in the last 12 months.

    I am going to stay positive and have found some comfort in knowing that my Neuchal and level of HCG was all OK. My Obs has said maybe an amnio (2 weeks time) will ease my mind. Im just concerned about the risks involved.


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    Jackie Guest

    I did a bit of search, didn't really come up with much either, there are a few graphs on the site where I found this... if you want the link, let me know and I'll pm it to you...

    Measurement of hCG is a diagnostic test for pregnancy and
    can be used with progesterone to monitor early pregnancy
    status. Estriol is an estrogen produced exclusively by the
    fetoplacental unit and can be used to determine fetoplacental
    distress in third trimester pregnancies. The roles of PAPP-A
    and Inhibin A in pregnancy continue to be investigated.
    Best thing would probably be to ask your doc, he should be able to explain everything to you...

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    jane Guest

    Thanks the link would be great.

    I will continue to ask my doc questions. I guess I just want someone to let me know that they had a similar result and that bubs is ok.


    ps. bubs is due in September

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    Cath78 Guest

    Low Papp A also

    I also had normal HCG and NT measurement but a low papp A (0.23 MoM). I have asked serveral doctors and a genetic counsellor but no one really knows much except that it is a marker for DS.

    Does anyone know anything more?