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    I'm very new to this and was just wanting to see if anyone else had been in the same or a similar position to myself.

    I was told on Monday that I was pregnant (I am going through IVF for a second time, but this wasn't the whole cycle, it was a frozen embryo) but apparently my levels were low (45) on my first blood test on Saturday. I was told that in the first three or so days, it should at least double, but yesterday I had another blood test and was told my levels were only 72, and that it's not looking good and that I'm at risk of an ectopic pregnancy. I am going for another blood test on Friday, and am trying to stay positive and hoping it's all ok, but it's hard when the nurses all seem so very negative and have told me to be prepared for the worst.

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    I'm not sure but I think there was another lady on here a few weeks ago with the same situation. Hoping you get some good news in the next few days

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    Hi there,

    Thanks, I will know more by end of today, so whilst I'm not getting excited, It's hard not to be worried.

    Thanks again,


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