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    Default Maternity Bra's

    Hi all,

    Just wondering when is the right time to get fitted for maternity bra's. I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant and only have 2 bra's that fit me. Is it too early yet to get fitted?

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    Ive been in a maternity bra since about 10 weeks.. i just couldnt handle the underwire as my boobs were growing. Id say youve done pretty well to not need them yet, and no way is it too early

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    Lorin Guest


    i Buaght 3 materinity bras at about 18 weeks as my boobs just got really big and i didnt fit into any. But they say its best to get your materinity bras pretty much asap as they are a great support to your boobs rather that the normal bras.
    So i certainly would be

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    I didn't get mine until about 18 or 20 weeks and I tell you what - it was a HUGE relief - I wish I had done it sooner - you don't realise how much that underwire digs in until you get rid of it!

    I have also heard that you should get out of underwire as soon as possible as it can squash your milky bits (not sure exactly what bits) but it's not good for you.

    If you're like me and have a larger chest (Double D!) I say the sooner you get a maternity bra the better!

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    I started wearing maternity bras early on in my pregnancy. ( I think around 10 weeks) so it defintiely isn't too early to get fitted now. Myabe get a cup size bigger just so when and if you do b/f you won't need to buy another one.

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    I bought a couple early on as my boobs grew a bit at the start. I got fitted and they said that you need to beable to fit your hand inside the cup (room for milk) and going up a back size is usually advised... I ended up with a 18E and F Was not happy, I didn;t think they made boobs that big.

    It's a good idea to go to a proper fitter... MYER are usually good, or BNT...

    Good Luck

    And yes they say that the underwire can block your milk ducts as they develop throughout pg. So it's a great idea not to wear them... Don't stress if you have though lots of people have NO troubles at after wearing underwires throughout!

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