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    Jul 2007
    Margaret River

    maybe number 3

    Hey all

    we have been talking about number 3!

    its been a rocky road for me...2 bouts of PND and 1 of AND, and I'm still on antidepressants...but my DH is keen and I must admit, Jay is 18 months and I'm feeling a bit 'oooh lets have another"

    am I crazy?

    xx yogababy

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    If you are on antidepressants can you even try?? I know the ones my Dr prescribed stated that you had to be off them for 6 months before TTC.
    I never took them, just attended counselling, took vitamin B and fish oil and was good after about 3 months.
    The question you need to ask is can you cope with the issues that triggered the PND before?

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    Jul 2007
    Margaret River

    thanks for your practical reply...that is the one major thing stopping me, having to go through it all again. My GP is sure that I am very sensitive to the hormone changes of pregnancy, and that leads to 'those' was a dark place for me.

    But will the sunshine of another child overcome those clouds, which I have now overcome

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    Natalie, completely crazy hun

    Seriously though, this is something I would have a good talk about with your GP before taking that next step. As far asI have heard there are some AD's that you can take when pregnant. I'm just not sure what.

    Oh and welcome to that clucky feeling BB gives you too

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    I'd suggest that you go see a naturopath - and see if they can suggest something that will balance out the hormones since depression is generally caused by a chemical imbalance of serotinin or dopamine and a changes to your sleep patterns alone can add to those imbalance.

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    Definatley not crazy hun!!

    I can see why you are a bit apprehensive but there are ADs that you can take while pregnant (I was taking them) so I would definately discuss options with your Dr. If you want to discuss ... what kind of support did you have previously?!? Not knowing your past with this ...Do you think there are other avenues of support you could look at if things were to go downhill again?

    Just throwing some ideas out there... but I definately think that if you are wanting to TTC again that you should speak to you Dr and try and figure out the best possible way to minimise the effects of AND & PND. Good luck hun, let us know how you go

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    Oct 2007

    I to am egaer to TTC # 3, I have 2 beautiful little girls, 2 1/2 7 1 1/2.
    I also suffered from depression after my 2nd bub, i went on AD's for 5 mths, I worked out that i had anxiety and started to take St John Wart tabslets and I feel great now, have only been on them for 2mths.
    Make sure that you do not have anxiety instead as well.

    I feel as if I can live in a much happier world, nothing gets to me like it used to.

    My DF & I are going to start TTC#3 early next year.

    I hope my story is of help to you, good luck.

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    hey sweetness, I have no idea about this sort of thing. I had severe pressure after they took away my baby at 3 months, but I didn't have anything for it.

    I think it is great you are trying to prepare yourself ahead of time because then you will be ready for Her and it wont hit so hard!

    I am a little hesitant about number #7 too, but, if its meant to be it will!

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    Jul 2007
    Margaret River

    I did take antidepressants while pregnant with Jay...I couldnt believe how bad I felt, it hit so hard and fast but my GP assures me it is hormonal/pregnancy related

    I would love to welcome another little person into the world...and love my DH for wanting to...but I need to put my 2 beautiful boys first, and I know that the AD and PND would come back, its just the way my body copes with it all

    as you said Soul...if its meant to be

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