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    measuring ahead of time

    I had my OB appt today and my first fundal height measuremnt. Im just about 23 weeks and i have measured 26 weeks.

    What does this mean? Whats peoples experience been with measuring ahead of their time? Big baby? Once you measured ahead of time, was this always the case?

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    Melinda Guest

    At times I was measuring 4w ahead!! All babies grow at different rates.... they are all individual little beings. I found that some weeks I may be 3w ahead, other weeks 4, so it does vary. Jacob was 8lb 6oz when he was born, which isn't small, but isn't big either IYKWIM?

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    We were measuring ahead of time throughout preg also. 3-4 weeks ahead the whole time. At our 18 week scan hendrix was measuring huge so much so that we had a further scan at 28 weeks to see how he was. Anyway he was only 3120g at birth so 6lb 14. So dont take any notice of these measurments at all.

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    As all the other girls have said, don't worry too much about it unless your Ob tells you he thinks he is particularly concerned. Not only can ultrasounds and measurements be inacccurate at times, but everything is based on averages. Once your bub is born, you will find when you see the child health nurse your bub is also weighed up against even more measurments and averages. When reality is, we are all different shapes and sizes, so it seems silly to me when we have healthy babies. Unless you notice other health issues or are particularly concerned, discuss it with your caregiver.
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