thread: Menstrual type cramping

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    Menstrual type cramping

    I am sure this has been covered on here before but i thought I would post again to save time and effort.

    Has anyone else had moderate type menstrual type cramping in their early pregnancies. I have been having this type of cramping at least once or twice a day since I got my HPT. When I get them it makes me feel nauseas and I need to lay down (i suppose to help relax stomach muscles). They only last about 10 minutes and are then completely gone. I haven't had any bleeding or anything but I can't help but be a little worried. I keep telling myself it is just my uterous growing but I also can't help but be a little concerned.

    Does anyone else get these types of cramps? i also find they are more common in the late afternoon than in the morning.

    I have read that mild cramping is normal but this cramping actual makes me feel sick and sore. I have never really had menstrual pain so maybe i am just being a woose.

    Any advice would be appreciated to calm my nerves.

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    Yep I still get them on and off, no way near as bad as the first week (I say that like I've been pg for years LOL) but in all seriousness I had it with Paris too and yes it did worry me quite a bit but this time I am alot less stressed! You are not being a woos! Especially since you aren't accustomed to AF Pains.

    Try not to worry hon! I know it is scary though!


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    Had it with both my pregnancies as well. There would be days I was certain I was going to go to the toilet to discover AF had arrived.


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    I've actually had cramping today, and last week, not to mention very often in early pregnancy. I rang my Dr, went to visit etc and the advice was rest. It made a difference having a lie down. Im sure it's normal, but always ring your Doc if you have any questions xoxo