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    Fruitwood Guest

    Mercury In Fish

    Can anyone tell me what fish is safe to eat and what types should be avoided due to higher mercury levels ? Last night I had tuna for tea but was told today that I shouldn't be eating Tuna as it contains high mercury levels. Is it just the bigger fish like shark, hoki etc that i should be staying away from ?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Bells Guest

    Hey Fruitwood,

    I used to work at Foodstandards Australia New Zealand and my boss was a specialist in this. (ie I'm not...but I was around people who knew a lot).

    When the news broke a few years ago that a woman had lost her baby after eating fish, the fact was that she was eating fish three times a day some days because she'd heard fish was good to include in your pregnancy diet.

    Three times a day????

    You should avoid shark and other deep sea fish (look up the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website for specifics on this). A bit of tuna, salmon and other readily available types of fish is fine. Just don't go overboard. If you at it once or twice a week you'd be fine. But do check the website there for the scientific advice on this. They have a fact sheet on it and other dietary issues in pregnancy.


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    Bells Guest

    sorry just realised I posted a link - which I've now taken out.. I shouldn't have done that. PM me for the link if it gets taken out!