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Thread: Morning Sickness Easing off - Stress Increasing

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    I am back with a new paranoia.

    Saturday and sunday I was so too sick to even make it to hospital, took a anti-vomiting tablet to try and regain my strength on sunday.

    Monday woke up and felt normal, even got some housework done, but then by late afternoon nausea was creeping back but on a scale of 1-10 (10 being worst I have had) it was only about a 5.

    Tuesday woke up wasn't hungry didnt eat for several hours still no nausea. by afternoon had a headache and was queasy again on a scale of 1-10 about a 6.

    Today - woke up wasnt hungry just thirsty queasy level so far on a scale of 1-10 about a 5.

    I am scared because I seem to have gone from 1 extreme to the other so suddenly. I know I hated being sick but a little sick is ok.

    I guess I am worried something has happened again (m/mc my worst fear) especially as I am exactly where I was last time when baby stopped growing.

    and I don't know if it means anything but the brown spotting suddenly stopped too.

    and my stomach feels different but can't explain it..
    less bloating and stretching maybe.

    I know the best thing would be to go get checked, but they already have me marked as paranoid and I don't want to be dismissed for crying wolf in the future.

    I am concerned but also a little too concerned to have a scan IYKWIM.

    I know symptoms come and go etc... but such a drastic change? from vomiting to mild nausea? starving to avoiding food?

    am I missing something? has the 8 week mark changed hormones or something that might have settled it down?

    I guess I will give it a few more days and see if it stays away...

    thanks for listening

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    hi delicate-dove!
    i went through something similar about 2 weeks ago. i was really REALLY sick (although never vomitted) right up until tues evening (was 8 weeks, 3 days then). then on wed i woke up and felt great. i continued to feel good for the next few days, but was trying not to be concerned about it. anyway, on the Sat morning (exactly 9 weeks) i woke up, looked in the mirror and started crying!! i felt great and my tummy looked heaps flatter than in weeks (had been quite bloated). i called my OB in tears on Sat morning and he said to go in for a scan first thing on monday morning. i felt great (physically, but terrible mentally) for the rest of the weekend, and was CONVINCED that i had lost the baby. i even did a few hours housework on sunday, which i hadn't been feeling well enough to do since 4 weeks PG!! anyway, i went in for my scan on Monday morning, braced for the worst, and my baby was jumping around, happy as larry in there! measuring spot on for dates, and looking absolutely fine!!
    i felt like a bit of a drama queen when i found out that everything was ok, but my OB was really good about it, and told me not to worry, and if i had any concerns it was best to put them to rest straight away. so, i would recommend getting yourself in for a scan. it will make you feel so much better, and you can relax and enjoy feeling well again! there is a small possibility that something is wrong, but chances are that everything is going perfectly well, and your body is just playing nasty tricks on you!!
    good luck! and let me know how you go...

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    I guess my ob isnt so understanding,

    I already have an appointment for the 14th, so it's whether to wait till then.

    After a glass of milk I feel quite sick again but still no where near what I was...

    I really don't know what to think.

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    around that time i completely lost my sy,ptoms for a few days and i had a scan all was fine and they ended up coming back... now at almost 11 weeks i feel they are waning slowly... i have heard that some women are lucky enough to have their symptoms start getting better around that mark (thats what many ppl told me when i posted a similar concern on here a few weeks ago) i think if u were spotting and it stopped it should be a good sign???
    i talked to my gp about it and he was able to book me a scan maybe u should try this if ur ob isn't so supportive?

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    I guess I will see what happens over the next few days...

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    Delicate Dove,
    Noni is right, GPs can give you a referral for an U/S too. if you're really worried and don't mind the expense, then it will definitely ease your mind. although, the fact that you're still feeling a bit ill is definitely a good sign!
    and your OB need never even know that you went for an U/S at all if you're worried about what he/she might think!!

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    I am still trying to decide what to do, I seemed to be gripped in fear in the mornings (when I feel decent) but then in the evenings when I am nauseaus again i feel reassured.
    I am still no where near what I was..(which is good despite my whining)

    Iam trying to see if there is much difference between the days or not.

    I wrote down all the positive reasons for the decrease

    1: I am drinking lot's more water - this might make me feel less hungry too
    2: I have not had as much milk (no cereal) had a glass and felt sick straight away.
    3: bloating gone due to stomach acids settled down

    but that's about the only reason I have....

    Negatives (u know I made this list too)

    1: brown spotting stopped ?(should be happy) instead thinking its stopped because baby stopped moving and stopped irritating the placenta?? (paranoid I know)

    2: bloating has gone- because?

    3: stretching aches and pains seem to have gone - could be cause I am not vomiting every 1/2 hour.

    4: I keep having dreams about miscarriage.

    Or this could all be in my head because I lost my last baby at 8 weeks 1 day (according to size)

    I don't remember what happened last time.. I carried till 12 weeks with a uterous of 12 weeks 1 day. heartbeat had been seen at 11 weeks but baby was only 8 in size.

    My OB said u will wake up and feel normal if something has gone wrong.

    I wake up normal but get sicker as the day goes on....

    I guess I am in fear because last time I didnt know something was wrong so I am trying to predict it.

    Yet having said that, I am too afraid to go the dr's. I am hoping each day I get really sick again just for reassurance.

    oh I thought of another reason.. Maybe the b6 I started taking 2 weeks ago is finally in my system , especially since I stopped vomiting.. maybe thats helping too.

    think its nap time...

    sorry just venting out loud.

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    dd i think the fact that u are still sick in the evning is a really good sign thats all i have been getting for a while and i had a scan at 8 wk 5 days and everything was fine (now 11wks) i think its normal for symptoms to start easing off but i really do erge you to go to ur dr to get a referal because all this stress isn't good for you!!!

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    I would definitely insist you want an ultrasound to your obs, my obs did an ultrasound at 8 weeks and it was very reassuring to see the heart beating. Hope you can try and relax over the weekend, take it easy andtake care of yourself!

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    I have an appointment for tuesday

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    Best of luck darling try not to stress its not good for u or bubs! *comfort cuddles*

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    So glad you've got an appointment for tomorrow - please let us know how it goes! but from the sounds of things, everything is on track - my symptoms eased off a LOT at week 8, and now i only occasionally feel sick, and never in the morning, ONLY in the evenings...

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