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    OK, a bit of a light-hearted thread, just something I've noticed and I'm so desperate for any pregnancy symptom I wondered if I can class this as one.

    Sat down at my piano on Sunday for the first time in a while and picked up some of my books, just to have a quick fun play. All except I started to get annoyed I didn't have Elton John's Rocket Man as I'd been singing that for a bit and I didn't want to play any other Elty ones.

    So I did some more songs then found myself skipping over some Simon and Garfunkel hits - I love Simon and Garfunkel! Who can't sit and play Sound of Silence or Feelin' Groovy? Evidently me. No, baby wanted Abba. Not just any Abba, baby wanted Super Trooper, which I rarely play as you don't play the melody on the piano. But, to my surprise, this time I really enjoyed it and was singing along with gusto. So, I decided as baby doesn't like S&G, nor does baby like the Beatles, this must be baby-related, normally I have a bit of fun with those.

    Onto classical stuff, baby loves anything from Swan Lake but not Rossini! Try singing Figaro's first aria from Il Barbiere and I just get this big "no!" feeling. Could be because I'm not a tenor, but it doesn't work with other songs from that opera either, even on CD. Looking through CDs, I don't think baby likes glam rock either. At least I can still watch Labyrinth, but otherwise I have to avoid that sort of thing. (And how can Underground be a favourite song from Labyrinth? Dance Magic is clearly the best. Oh yes, and Labyrinth has better music in than Toy Story and I won't let any baby tell me otherwise!)

    So, has anyone else's baby been influencing their music tastes? I'm going to make a pregnancy CD of all the songs baby likes in the vain hope that baby will calm down when I put it on, but until then I'll just have to sing (poor baby!).

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    Definately sounds like a pg symptom to me Ryn!

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