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Thread: my awful day - please help

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    Default my awful day - please help

    sorry im not sure where to post this, put it in first trim forum too..

    im 5 weeks 4 days preg...yesterday had some spotting in the morning..wasnt worried as know pretty normal. but thought id go to dr anyway and get blood test...anyway, while there he said lets do urine hpt and i did it and it came back negative!
    this was the same kind of test he used last week which had came back anyway im assuming that this indicates falling hcg levels which indicates im having a m/c - go home bawling my eyes out...dr still suggests i have blood test to make sure but not sure what the point is really, but i do it.
    anyway, get home and look at the hpt again and its faintly positive...obviously still doesnt mean anything because of time delay and the fact it took so long to come up compared to first time at drs where it came up positive straight away must still mean falling hcg...but i did remember that unlike the first test at the drs last week, this test was extremely "cloudy" in the window - kind of like with a big pink stain across it, and it was quite hard to read (even the neg result)..and i also wondered whether the blood (from the spotting that morning) might have affected the reading, or even that id just come from the pool (chlorine) might have also affected it...ANYWAY (sorry this is long) - I took another HPT at home and it came up as immediately, strongly and clearly preg. i did three more HPTs yesterday and all were very strong lines (stronger than the control line)
    so rang dr back and told him, he said hmm, go have ultrasound which i did but of course at 5.5 weeks they could only see that there was a sac there, it looked good, in right position but no heartbeat visible yet.
    still waiting on these bloodly blood results, they are taking an age because of xmas i guess....but anyway, i feel so insecure..i was conv. initially that i was having a m/c and was devastated and now i kind of think im still preg (still naseaus and sore breasts etc)..ive had no more bleeding, and i keep getting all these positive hpts..

    a couple of qu. for anyone who might be able to help:

    1. if i am m/carrying, how quickly will my hcg levels drop - when will my preg tests start to fade?
    2. has anyone had a preg test that showed negative, a week after the initial positive, for it to turn out that they were still preg?
    3. has anyone heard of a "dodgy" preg test? or it possibly affected by blood/chlorine or something?

    anyone who can shed any light this morning, i will be VERY grateful, going out of my mind

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    *huge hugs* sounds like a very emotional day for you.

    There is an article on Bleeding in Pregnancy on the main site you might like to read: - I have known women to get this spotting right up to what is like their period throughout the pregnancy.

    If you are getting strong positives now, you can see the sac there and have signs of pregnancy (eg nausea etc) it all sounds good. You can generally see the heartbeat after 6 weeks so that sounds about right. Once you get your blood test back, you can have another test to see if those levels are rising, but fingers crossed, it all sounds good - perhaps it was a faulty test?
    Kelly xx

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    Hi. I'm sorry you are having such a terrible time - what an emotional rollercoaster.
    I have heard that faulty tests more commonly show a false negative and they are very accurate in terms of positive results.
    I hope you get your answer soon. xx

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    I agree with what Kelly said, it all sounds normal to me!

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    I don't know what to say, but I just wanted to give you a big *hug* and hope that you get some good news soon.

    Celsie. xoxox

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    has the spotting eased at all? I remember with my first pg, I had spotting at about 5 weeks and didn't have any other signs of a m/c, no cramping or anything and my pg symptoms were still strong (nausea, sore boobs, extreme fatigue etc) so when I had a scan at 6 weeks, there was a healthy little heart beating away. Please have confidence that you are still pg - all those tests can't be wrong, and besides, maybe the tests your DR was a faulty one? especially if the window looked cloudy?

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    :hugs: to you - it sounds like such an emotional day for you. I hope the blood results come back quickly. Please seek comfort in that HPT's give false negatives much more frequently than false positives. The test that you did in the docs surgery this last time could have been from a bad batch, it could have been a weaker urine sample... there are lots of reasons for it coming up with the negative result.
    As Caro said, there is a brand of HPT's that tells you in words if you are pregnant or not - you can always give them a go if you are seeking more comfort. I used them when TTC and never had any drama's with them.
    I'm sending you loads of and positive thoughts. Make sure you come back and let us know when the blood test results are in.


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    ttcno2 See my reply to this question in your post in first trimester

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    It all sounds pretty good to me...I can understand your concerns and all the questions you have. It's easy for me to say not to worry. I hope you get answers to all of your questions and the outcome is a good one.

    Good Luck & Take Care. X

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    thankyou to all of you - i really appreciate you taking the time to reassure me...i finally got my results back today (took 48 hours because of problems with gribbles!!) - and my hcg levels were 3700 which was well within normal range for 5 weeks..ive also taken FIVE hpts in the last 2 days and all were strongly and definitely positive.
    so we are just assuming that the one test i took at the drs was either faulty or else it could have been some blood in my urine that affected it - or possibly a miniscule amount of chlorine? (id just been swimming and hadnt showered)..
    anyway, all is okay and i just wish i hadnt gone to the dr now - would have saved me a lot of stress! also, i hadnt told my family but when this happened i told my mum and dad in floods of tears that i was miscarrying, so the "announcement" wasnt exactly what i wanted! anyway, in the scheme of things that doesnt really matter..
    i have to say that if it was an old test sitting there for ages, i am a bit peeved at the drs...
    but never will know prob..
    thanks again for your support

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    Default A big hug to you

    Hi, My heart goes out to you as I too right now am having a little bleed. My mum said that she bleed when she carried my sister, so didn't know she was pregnant until the next month...I will pray that this is what is happening that your body is just mimicking a period. I just had my 4th IVF cycle and am on day14 after my 2embryos were transferred and I have cramping and some spotting since 2pm, so I really feel for you and hope that all is well with your little one. Take Care Susan

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